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What are the boxes of luck in Warfyus for?

Boxes of luck in "Warfyus" - this is a certain set of items for the game, from which any user can get valuable prizes. With a certain luck, you are able to acquire enough high-quality weapons and the necessary items, which are quite rare, and most importantly - powerful, with a large number of various slots for modifications. Boxes of luck in the "Warfyus" provide an opportunity to get the coveted equipment or powerful weapons, but for this you will have to part with a number of warbaks. However, the result will justify the costs.

How to get

Warface boxes can not be found and bought from conventional suppliers. To do this, open a store and make this acquisition there. All such items become available already from the first level, in other words, any player can buy "luck", even if he has not played a single match. Boxes of luck in "Warfyus" are purchased for local currency or loans. It is worth saying that it is more profitable to add and pay several pieces at once, in which case you will get a good discount. Agree, it is more pleasant to purchase more boxes for less money. Thus, having bought a lot of goods, you increase the chances of getting good equipment, since there is a probability of acquiring rare items.

What you can get

The contents of boxes of luck in "Warfyus" are very different: there are smoke grenades, experience, knives and costumes of fighters. In addition, you can purchase unique types of weapons that will differ in a huge number of possible modifications. Such sets were developed for each of the classes. Virtually all kits contain certain items that are used only by the units indicated in them. This classification is described in the title of the subject. But there are also universal, the use of which is available to absolutely everyone.

Boxes of luck in the "Warfyus" - cheat: can we "cheat" at the opening

Surprisingly, this possibility does exist. You can use the cheat in such a way that the player will have the opportunity to try his luck at opening several times. In other words, if this option is applied, you will forget about the wasting of credits or warbucks. It is worth saying that from the boxes you can get not only equipment, but also the money itself, which you can then spend on the right things. Once you download the cheat, you will need to run it before the game starts. Then once buy a box of luck in the "Warfare" and make as many attempts to open as you have enough patience.

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