Tablets from allergies to the skin and other effective treatments

Today, allergic reactions, unfortunately, are not uncommon. Specialists attribute this phenomenon to one of the most serious problems. After all, such reactions can affect any organ. Most often, the allergy manifests itself as a variety of rashes on the skin. Such defects complicate the life of the patient, delivering tangible discomfort. How to overcome this disease? Which allergy skin tablets are the most effective?

What is an ailment?

Many people, having noticed on the skin a sudden appearance of redness or a rash, do not attach importance to them. Believing that such "decorations" were the result of an insect bite or nettle burn, they do not take any measures. And the allergy on the skin sometimes looks quite harmless . Red spots, minor swelling and small vesicles do not really cause fear. Only one annoying - an intolerable itch. It can not be removed by domestic means. And only after applying the remedy for allergies to the skin, a person experiences the long-awaited relief. Together with him comes the understanding that mosquitoes and nettles in this case have nothing to do with it. This is a skin allergy.

Almost every person faced such reactions. Skin allergy is considered to be one of the most heavily diagnosed ailments. And this is not accidental. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the usual irritation from an allergic reaction. Quite often, only special tests can reveal the real cause of the symptoms.

Types of skin rash

The disease can manifest itself in different ways. Depending on the type of reaction, the elements of the rash may differ. It is worth noting that often quite quickly allergies. The spots on the skin, provided there is no contact with the "provocateur", after a couple of days disappear. However, there are cases when the rashes do not go away so quickly. On the contrary, every day they cause more and more discomfort. Such manifestations require special attention.

These include the following types of skin allergies:

  • Hives. For this form, blisters appear, appearing in large numbers. They tend to merge. Strong skin itching accompanies hives. Patients are very difficult to tolerate this symptom. In some cases, patients who have an acute form of a disease, even hospitalized.
  • Swelling of the Quincke . The allergy reminds the above described kind - a urticaria. A distinctive feature is the presence of pronounced edema. Quite often, such swelling is observed on the eyelids, in the region of the lips.
  • Contact dermatitis. This form arises from direct contact with the allergen. Therefore, the rash appears exclusively on those parts of the skin that are in contact with the dangerous substance. As a rule, these are hands and face.

The main causes of the disease

All kinds of skin allergies arise as a result of the influence of a certain stimulus. In other words, the ailment can not appear accidentally. There are always factors that provoked an unpleasant reaction. There are a lot of them.

According to statistics, physicians identify such main sources of unpleasant manifestations:

  • Food allergens. This group includes many different products. It should be understood that any substance is capable of causing allergies. In this case, there are individual products that often lead to similar symptoms. This is honey, milk, exotic fruits, seafood. Quite often the reaction to this group is manifested by a rash on the face.
  • Wool of animals, dust, plants. Often, all these substances cause conjunctivitis or rhinitis. However, there are cases when the body reacts to them with an allergic rash.
  • Decorative cosmetics, household chemicals, individual metals . Such substances can provoke occurrence of contact dermatitis. It is noticed that in most cases the organism does not immediately react to such components. As a rule, there is a certain period of time, and the skin in places of contact with them is covered with a rash.

Diagnosis of an allergen

Before treating this ailment, it is necessary to eliminate the irritating factors. Otherwise, no matter how highly effective the allergy tablets on the skin you take, it will not be possible to defeat the disease. To determine the source of irritation, you should go to the doctor. It is he who will appoint appropriate samples.

This method is quite simple. On the forearm scarifier is applied small scratches. They drip the prepared solution, which contains the alleged allergen. This method makes it possible to test more than ten substances.

For the samples closely monitored. If a real allergen gets into the wound, the place becomes swollen and reddens. This allows you to identify adverse substances for the body. Quite often, patients themselves guess what exactly triggered such a reaction. In this case, the doctor with the help of a test can only confirm guesses.

Allergies in children

Unfortunately, no one is insured against this disease. He is subject to both adults and children. Especially unpleasant, when there is an allergy on a skin at the child.

In infants up to one year the rash is localized on the cheeks, forearms, neck, buttocks. Initially, red spots appear. Over time, they acquire a brighter shade. Next merge into one large red spot. The skin in these places is edematous. Then, small bubbles with a clear liquid begin to form on the surface of the spots. The baby becomes very irritable, because such an allergy on the skin of the child causes an unbearable itch.

In older children, a rash occurs on the forearms, face, abdomen. As a rule, allergy is manifested in the form of dark pink or red spots. They give the impression of scaly skin. Sometimes a child may complain of drowsiness, headache. There are cases when rashes are accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting.

Treatment of allergies in children

Initially, it should be emphasized that these manifestations are not only a symptom of a serious ailment. A rash can lead to serious complications. Combing wounds, the baby opens access to the body for various infections. And this, in turn, can provoke the development of various skin diseases. Therefore, it is important to take appropriate measures in a timely manner.

Than to treat an allergy on a skin of the kid, the doctor will prompt. It is from a visit to a doctor that therapy should begin. Remember that it is necessary to diagnose the allergen, and this procedure can be assigned only by a doctor. Neglect of such measures can provoke the development of a chronic form. As a result, the skin of the baby acquires scars and scars, which remain for life.

Having determined the allergen, the doctor prescribes medication. Antihistamines are used: Diazolin, Claritin. They perfectly remove the itch, neutralize the substances that caused in the body such a reaction as an allergy to the skin. It is recommended to lubricate red spots with special ointments and gels. They also effectively relieve itching. And, importantly, prevent the risk of infection.

It should be understood that some drugs have a sedative effect. This means "Tavegil", "Dimedrol", "Suprastin". They slow down the reaction and cause drowsiness. When prescribing such drugs, you should closely monitor the behavior of the child. Use only those medicines that have been prescribed by the pediatrician, and strictly follow the recommended dosage.

When should I call an ambulance?

Very carefully observe the symptoms. Sometimes very insidious can be an allergy. The spots on the skin are not the only manifestation of ailment. If the rash is accompanied by nasal congestion, lacrimation, facial swelling - call for an ambulance.

This symptom can talk about the development of Quincke's edema. He is dangerous for the possibility of edema of the larynx and tongue. And this can lead to suffocation.

Allergy Tablets

Modern pharmacology provides the widest range of different drugs against this ailment. Tablets from skin allergies effectively relieve itching, swelling of the tissues, prevent spread of the rash, protect against the formation of blisters. Many drugs contain mostly natural ingredients.

One of the most famous and effective means in the fight against allergies is the "Gistan" medication. This medicine is available in the form of capsules, tablets, ointments. An effective remedy for allergies on the skin consists of extracts of medicinal herbs and vitamins.

It is very important not to forget about antihistamines. Effective drugs are "Fenistil", "Zirtek", "Telfast". In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe corticosteroids.

Along with these drugs, it is often recommended to take activated charcoal. Especially when it comes to children. This medicine removes the manifestations of food allergies, and at the same time strengthens the immune system. By the way, activated charcoal is allowed to be given even to newborns. Sometimes a doctor may recommend the use of the laxative "Dufalac". As a rule, along with it, absorbents are appointed - Polysorb or Enterosgel.

The most important rule that allows you to effectively and quickly defeat the ailment is to take only those drugs that an experienced doctor will appoint. Do not forget that self-medication can seriously damage the body.

Appointment ointments

A qualified doctor, having determined the cause of skin hypersensitivity, will select the optimal treatment. It should be understood that for each individual case, the measures to combat the disease will be different. Thus, depending on the rash, the doctor will prescribe either a hormonal or a less radical ointment against allergies to the skin. Do not use drugs yourself, carefully coordinate your actions with your doctor.

Hormonal ointments include substances that block the further production of antibodies. There are a lot of these drugs. They differ in the strength of the effect on the body. The purpose of ointments containing hormones depends on the patient's condition.

The list of such drugs includes drugs:

  • "Hydrocortisone", "Prednisolone ." These ointments have a weak effect. They are used for minor allergy manifestations. Such ointments are acceptable for pregnant women and children up to 2 years.
  • "Afloderm", "Ftorokort", "Cinakart". This is a group of ointments of moderate effect. They are intended for more pronounced allergic reactions.
  • "Sinalar", "Advantan", "Apulein", "Elokom" . Drugs of active action. As a rule, they are used in case of need to immediately stop the inflammatory process. The effectiveness of these ointments allows using them in eczema and dermatoses.

All hormones have a certain range of indications and a limited duration of use. That's why these drugs should be used only according to the prescription of the doctor and only in prescribed doses. Otherwise, you risk receiving incredibly many side effects that require separate treatment.

Non-hormonal drugs include the following drugs:

  • "Psilo-balm", "Fenistil-gel" . Excellent remove the itch.
  • "Levosin", "Levomekol", "Futsidin" . Have a bactericidal effect.
  • "Solcoseril", "Actovegin", "Radevit", "Videestim" . Can stimulate skin regeneration.
  • "Pantenol", "Bepanten" . Accelerate healing and regeneration.

Quite effective is any gel or cream for skin allergy , which includes lanolin. This component softens, moistens the surface, reduces flaking, protects against microcracks.

Folk remedies

It should be noted that these drugs must be combined with drug treatment. Only in this case they will have a beneficial effect on the body and will allow you to quickly get rid of the unpleasant symptoms, which was triggered by an allergy on the skin. Folk remedies created by nature, ways not only to fight the disease, but also to stimulate the protective functions of the body.

  • Decoction of succession. You should replace this drug with coffee or tea. Take only a fresh broth. This drink is recommended to be used for several years. It is believed that it is able to completely improve the body. Brew it should be like tea. Infuse the broth for about 20 minutes. The drink should be a beautiful golden color. If the broth acquires a murky or green hue, then this sequence is completely unsuitable for use. The most effective are only those herbs from skin allergies that were collected by hand. Traditional medicine does not recommend the use of a selling line, packed in briquettes.
  • Infusion of calendula. Such a tool allows you to get rid of itching. Affected areas should be wiped with alcohol infusion. The solution of soda is also quite effective. It is necessary 1,5 tsp. Dilute in a glass of water. Carefully apply the finished solution to the areas affected by the rash.
  • Infusion of violets . Traditional medicine recommends this remedy for allergic skin manifestations. One liter should be added to the bath. Water procedures can also be applied with the same portion of wild marsh rosemary infusion.

Nutrition recommendations

People suffering from various allergic reactions on the skin, should go to a hypoallergenic diet. The essence of this food is as follows:

  • Preference is given to low allergenic products;
  • The diet should correspond to the age;
  • The energy value of the diet should be maintained at the proper level.

Nutrition for skin allergies to each patient is selected by a nutritionist individually. The basic principle of such a diet, as previously noted, is based on the rejection of highly allergenic products. After all, they can stimulate unpleasant reactions.

Quite often, the following products strengthen the symptoms of allergy:

  • honey;
  • seafood;
  • chicken eggs;
  • Milk and cow, and goat;
  • Coffee, cocoa;
  • Fruit or berries, which have a red and orange color;
  • Smoked products (fish, meat);
  • Alcohol-containing beverages;
  • chocolate;
  • Nuts;
  • Seasonings, sauces;
  • Mushrooms.

The exclusion of these products most favorably affects the process of recovery. Edema is minimized, itching decreases. The patient observes a much better regression of the rash.

However, among the products there are also allergenic. Their amount in the diet should also be reduced.

They include:

  • Buckwheat or corn groats;
  • Wheat, rye;
  • Phyto-products;
  • Bananas, peaches, watermelons;
  • Beans;
  • potatoes.

Refusing and reducing the use of the above products, it is necessary to stop at low allergenic. After all, it is on their prevalence in the diet that a diet is built.

Their list includes:

  • dairy products;
  • still mineral water;
  • Boiled pork and beef, low in fat content;
  • greenery;
  • olive oil;
  • Vegetables (turnip, cabbage);
  • Liver, kidney;
  • dried fruits.


The high prevalence of allergic reactions, unpleasant, sometimes even painful symptoms, cause a lot of questions in people. Is it possible to get rid of the disease? What kind of skin allergy pills should I choose? What methods of struggle to give preference?

Treatment, capable of stopping the cascade of pathological reactions of the body, can be selected only by a doctor. Do not self-medicate, entrust your priceless health to a professional.

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