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Sequest is how?

In medicine, there are many special terms that are used only in the circle of doctors. One of these words is the concept of "sequester". This is one of the terms used to develop a spinal hernia in a patient . The disease has a particularly severe form. In addition, the word "sequester" is a concept not only for physicians, but also for economists. In their sphere this term is synonymous with the verbs "forbid" and "restrict". This concept has been used for a long time, since it has reached our days from bourgeois society. In its legal code, the word denoted the imposition of a ban on the use of any property.

Sequest is what does it mean?

In the modern world the term is rather rare. In surgical practice, there is a complication of spinal hernias, such as the appearance of sequestrants. With this disease, the pulpous core goes beyond the canal. In this case, the disk, located between two vertebrae, falls into the region of the spinal cord. The danger is that there is pressure, and sometimes even damage to nerve fibers. Due to the prolonged action of the damaging agent (hernia), paresis and paralysis occur. Since the spinal cord is responsible for the motor activity of the trunk and extremities, there is a great risk that the patient will not be able to move.

Symptoms of sequestered hernia

With complication of the intervertebral hernia sequestrum there is a sharp change in the person's well-being. The first symptom is a sharp pain. The site of its localization depends on the level on which the sequestered hernia is located. Most often it occurs in the lumbar spine. Pain with high speed intensifies and begins to spread to the feet. After this, the affected area and limbs begin to lose sensitivity. The patient complains of numbness of the leg. In some cases, the intestine is involved in the process, the peristalsis of which decreases, and the patient complains of constipation.

Treatment of sequestered hernia

Since the disease is very dangerous and can lead to complete paralysis, immediate surgical intervention is required. Sekvestirovat means to go beyond the spinal canal. Therefore, when a disk hits the nerve fibers, inflammation and pinching occur. Treatment involves the removal of the inflammatory process with NSAIDs, muscle relaxants and the Novocain blockade are also used . If there is no effect, the operation is performed - the removal of the intervertebral disc or part of it.

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