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Rats for rats are rat poison

By time to place traps useful with the onset of the spring period, but it must be remembered that they act on separate classes of rodents. These adaptations work perfectly when the number of rats or mice is not very large, and in the variant, when colonies with rodents are numerous, it is advised to use baits for poisoning.

A classic remedy for rodents is poison for rats and mice. Its essence lies in the fact that the rodent received the required percentage of the substance for poisoning. The rat poison is presented in different forms - powders, pastes, solutions or suspensions and even in tablets from rats.

All poisons are divided into poisons of acute and chronic action. The bait for rats with acute action kills rats with mice during the first penetration into the body.

Buy a rat poison, which can have an effect when cleaning the room from rodents, you can in retail. However, the rat poison has a toxic effect on humans and animals. It is important to consider all the possible risks associated with rat poison before they begin to be applied on the territory of the apartment or house. Active substances in lures for rats are anticoagulants, they affect different stages in the process of blood coagulability and act in this way on the state of the organism, in general.

Rat poison, which has a chronic effect, first may not have the necessary effect on the rat's body, but at a certain concentration of it, the rodent expects a fatal outcome. When there is no idea about where to buy rat poison, you can go to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, and get advice on what to poison rodents, and what poisons are more profitable to use, which agent will bring the effect, and which - not. The disadvantage of using poisons may be that, eliminating pests, you can not detect their corpses. As a result, there will be a tangible smell of rotting rodents.

Isolated external bleeding, pallor of the gums, urine with blood, stool and nasal bleeding, can appear in people exposed to rat poison. Poisoned poisoners during the destruction of pests should immediately seek help from a medical center located nearby.

Medical personnel should be aware of the active ingredient and type of poison used. It will be useful to provide a label of the drug that has been intoxicated. It may be necessary to have a blood transfusion, as well as vitamin K, which promotes folding. It is not recommended to perform self-treatment, since in medicine every case involving poisoning with rat poison and its active substance is considered.

To avoid harmful side reactions from the method of killing rats, it is better to get advice from qualified specialists. Experts will assist in the inspection and will offer the most effective methods of destruction, which will have a greater effect with a minimum of hazardous effects on humans or animals. Pest control specialists conduct the preparatory phase and provide a set of measures for extermination.

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