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Is it possible to remove bedbugs on your own?

Despite the improvement in living conditions and the standard of living of most people in recent decades, the problem of the existence of domestic bugs has not disappeared. On the contrary, the elimination of bedbugs has become more difficult, because they eventually develop immunity to many chemicals.

Bedbugs are the most enduring insects, it is very difficult to destroy them, as they can hibernate in the presence of unfavorable conditions, and their eggs are well protected from any external influences. Bedbugs can appear in any home: they can be brought on clothes, bought furniture and other things, they can "come" with guests in their bags or crawl from their neighbors.

A bedbug is difficult to confuse with some other insect, it has a characteristic round brown body with a specific smell.

But to understand that you have bugs in your house is very difficult - they go out hunting only in the dark, most people do not feel their bites. If you notice on the skin red itchy spots, similar to mosquito bites, and on the sheet are small stains of blood, you may have bedbugs. Destruction of these insects is desirable to begin immediately, as they reproduce very quickly.

Why is breeding bugs at home so difficult? In addition, they are adapted to survive in a variety of conditions, they also choose hard-to-reach places for their living: crevices in furniture and walls, space behind carpets, plinths and furniture, cabinets, books and even household appliances. Bedbugs are almost nothing to be afraid of. If you did not destroy all the individuals at the first treatment, then after a while they again breed. In addition, bedbugs often, like other insects, penetrate through the cracks from neighbors.

The elimination of bedbugs is usually carried out with the help of special chemicals, which need to process the entire apartment. To do this, remove all food, pets, cover the aquarium, tables and dishes. After that, you should carefully spray furniture, space behind the carpets, under the mattresses and all cracks, using personal protective equipment. The room can not be used for 10-12 hours, so it is better to spend the treatment in the morning. Children and pregnant women should preferably not be allowed into the treated room during the day. For this treatment it is better to invite specialists, because most of these substances are toxic, if you leave at least a small piece of unprocessed, after a while bugs will again appear.

But such complications arise if there are a lot of them. If you immediately noticed the presence of a house of insects, the breeding of bedbugs is possible without chemical means.

They are afraid of low and high temperatures, so the pieces of furniture and clothing can be boiled for 10 minutes, treated with a steam cleaner or put out for a day on a severe frost. A powerful vacuum cleaner can help get rid of most insects and their larvae in crevices and under mattresses. Bedbugs do not like strong odors, so treating surfaces with vinegar or spreading wormwood everywhere can drive them away.

But after such means there is a danger that the insects will return, therefore it is better to entrust the bugs to professionals.

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