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Sorbitol - what is it and how it is applied

More and more people are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and are interested in the composition of the products and the safety of food additives. One of the most common and harmless is sorbitol. What is it, know those who are looking for funds for weight loss, and patients with diabetes. In addition, this substance is often used in the treatment of certain diseases. It is considered safe, has no side effects and is low in calories. Therefore, many products now add sorbitol.

What it is

This substance is a hexanoic alcohol. It is also known under the name "glucitol" or as a food supplement E420. This white crystalline substance is odorless, with a pleasant sweetish taste. It dissolves well in water, has a laxative and choleretic effect. When added to foods, sorbitol not only replaces sugar, but also prolongs their shelf life due to their hygroscopicity. In addition, it does not lose its properties during heat treatment and even during boiling. Sorbitol is half as sweet as sugar, but it is more caloric. However, for its assimilation, insulin is not required. This sweet substance is not a carbohydrate, but easily turns into blood into fructose. This explains its widespread use by diabetics. They specifically buy sugar instead of sugar. What is it is also known to fans of dietetic baking, jams and sweets.

Where is sorbitol used

1. In the food industry it is used as a sweetener, emulsifier and color stabilizer. In addition, it has moisture retaining and complexing properties. It is added to marmalade, pastries, jam and drinks. Confectionery products with this substance in the composition do not stale longer and remain fresh.

2. In cosmetology, sorbitol is added to creams, lotions, shampoos and toothpastes. It not only possesses preservative and moisture retaining properties, but also resists microbes.

3. In the pharmaceutical industry, sorbitol is a filler of gelatin capsules, is added to vitamin preparations, cough syrups and ointments. It is a component of ascorbic acid and many other known drugs.

5. This substance is also used in the chemical, leather and paper industries.

Medical application of sorbitol

This sugar substitute of natural origin - it is extracted from starch. A lot of this substance is contained in mountain ash, seaweed, pineapple and other plants. It is harmless and has many useful properties for a person. Therefore, it is easy to buy sorbitol in pharmacies. Instruction for use recommends using it for such diseases:

- as a laxative for constipation and chronic colitis;

- as a cholagogue for cholecystitis and diskenezii bile ducts;

- with acute and chronic liver diseases. Often sorbitol together with the rosehip is used for its purification. This procedure is carried out in a hospital and is very effective for improving liver function;

- With diabetes and hypoglycemia, sorbitol is very useful. It is converted into fructose in the body, but does not require insulin for this process;

- Sorbitol solution is used for renal failure and for washing the bladder;

- Previously it was used in X-ray and other diagnostic studies, for example, blind probing.

Is this substance useful?

Many people now use sorbitol for different purposes. Reviews of him say that he perfectly replaces sugar, but lacks many of his shortcomings. For example, sorbitol is a mild laxative and cleanses the liver and intestines from toxins. It normalizes the activity of the stomach and stimulates the secretion of digestive juice, has a diuretic and choleretic effect. In addition, when it is used in the body, B vitamins are consumed less, and the intestinal microflora is normalized. Some even try to use sorbitol for losing weight. The price is low and you can buy it at any store in the department of dietary nutrition. White crystalline powder is bred in water or added to tea, compotes and pastries. But doctors do not recommend taking a great interest in this drug, as it has side effects.

Harm to sorbitol

In general, it is believed that this substance is absolutely harmless and can be used by everyone who does not have an individual intolerance. But with excessive use, nevertheless possible unpleasant consequences:

- bloating, flatulence;

- diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting;

- dizziness and weakness;

- in patients with diabetes mellitus hyperglycemia is possible.

Usually these symptoms quickly pass after stopping the drug. But it is not recommended to use sorbitol for patients with irritable bowel syndrome or intolerance to fructose.

Those people who decide to give up sugar for better health, should pay attention to sorbitol. Many people already know what it is, but not everyone realizes that this sweetener and food additive is also a medicine.

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