Pear of Yakovlev's memory: features and advantages

In second place after the apple trees are pear trees. Such popularity they do not have, but they have their own amateurs, who are not afraid of the relative complexity of farming techniques and the finickyness of this garden culture.

For beginners of gardeners the pear of "memory of Yakovlev", possessing fine commodity and flavoring qualities perfectly approaches. Today we will look at it in more detail.


The tree is small, characterized by rapid growth and medium density of the crown. It itself has a pronounced rounded shape, all the main branches move away from the trunk almost under a right degree.

The bark is gray, with a tendency to exfoliate. Unlike many similar species, the pear of Yakovlev's memory forms many shoots and quickly awakens after winter.


Average size, with a smooth surface. If the fructification is abundant, there is often a strong heterogeneity in size and shape. In addition, the pear of Yakovlev's memory is distinguished by a bright and shiny skin.

At the time when the fetus acquires a removable maturity, it is dyed a light yellow color that covers most of it. Consumer maturity is characterized by a beautiful golden yellow color.

Peduncle of fruit unusually long, curved.

The flesh of the pears differs in cream color, high juiciness and sweetness. Tartness, which many do not like, is completely absent. In pears, almost 15% of sugar, acidity of only 0.25%, many catechins (30.2 mg / 100 g). Thus, the pear of "Yakovlev's memory" is an excellent option for those gardeners who love homemade preparations.

Fruits produce products that are characterized not only by excellent taste qualities, but also by the ability to long-term storage. In addition, they are transported in fresh form, and are stored much longer than in most domestic varieties.

As for the characteristics of fruiting, the pear of "Yakovlev's memory", the description of which is given in the article, begins to rejoice fruits already in the third or fourth year after planting. In the period of maximum fruiting, you can get more than 250 centners from one hectare. Given the small size of the pear, it can be used in compacted plantings, and can also be planted on other small-sized varieties.

The tree is characterized by excellent resistance to a decrease in temperature, and even under conditions close to extreme, the degree of freezing rarely exceeds two points. Unfortunately, the same resistance to droughts does not differ, so in hot years irrigation is needed. However, the pear responds well to it, giving more tasty and juicy fruits.

Another plus is a high degree of ability to self-pollinating, so these pears can be planted separately. In addition, they are practically not affected by scab.

As for the shortcomings, the pear of "Yakovlev's memory", the reviews of which talk about the same, with age begins to produce a decent percentage of the fruits of an uneven, friable form. In addition, they have a high percentage of stony cells.

Despite some shortcomings, this brand has proved itself to be excellent in the conditions of our country.

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