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Opera House, Oslo: photo, plan, repertoire

The Opera House in Oslo (Norway) is still quite young. It exists only for about 10 years. His repertoire is interesting and full of unique performances. His modern interpretations of classical works are famous.

History of the theater

The Opera House (Oslo) was conceived in the 19th century. But the place for its construction was determined only in 1999. This Bjorvik peninsula is the heart of the city. Near to it there is a seaport and the central station. The authorities of Oslo have announced a competition for the best project of the theater. There were more than two hundred applications. As a result, the winner was the architectural company Snøhetta. She also owns the project of creating a modern library in Alexandria.

The construction of the theater began in 2003. It lasted 4 years. The Opera House (Oslo) was inaugurated on April 12, 2008. The ceremony was attended by the King of Norway Harald, the President of Finland and the Queen of Denmark.

The building of the theater was celebrated at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona and was awarded the Misa van der Rohe Prize.

In 2008, the theater was recognized as one of the main attractions, a symbol of Oslo and a cultural object of world significance. It is very popular among citizens and tourists.


Opera House (Oslo), photo of the building of which is presented in this article, is built in ultra-modern style and is organically inscribed in the landscape. It is erected on the shore. The building is an iceberg. Its bright part is the roof. It is collected from more than 30 thousand marble snow-white plates. The roof is inclined, it descends to the ground. This feature allows anyone to climb it to the highest point, from where a magnificent view of the bay and the city opens. The roof is used by snowboarders as a court.

The middle part is crowned by a trapezoidal tower, glazed with stained-glass windows, behind which the foyer of the theater can be seen. Its height is 15 meters. The roof supports columns made in the form of letters V. They do not close the view. Outside, the tower is covered with white aluminum. It has a concave-convex pattern, similar to the old weaving patterns.

The building of the theater has an area of 38,500 square meters. The main stage venue seats 1364 spectators. Besides it, there are two small halls. One is designed for 400 seats, and the second can seat 200 people.

In the fjord, next to the building, on a concrete platform is a sculpture of She Lies made of stainless steel and glass panels. Its author is Monica Vonvicini. The sculpture moves through the wind and tides, thanks to which it appears before spectators from different angles.

Interiors and Engineering

Opera House (Oslo), as already mentioned above, is made in the form of an iceberg, sailed from the northern seas. At the same time, its main stage is created in the form of a horseshoe. This is a classic kind of hall. This form allows you to achieve the highest performance in terms of acoustics. The walls of the auditorium, as well as the stairs and balconies are paneled in natural oak. The warm texture of the inner skin contrasts vividly with the cold surfaces of the outer, resembling white ice floes.

The lighting of the hall is provided with a large chandelier of spherical shape. It is equipped with eight hundred LEDs. Decorated chandelier pendants made of handmade crystals, in quantities of nearly six thousand pieces. Its weight is 8.5 tons. The diameter of the chandelier is seven meters.

The scene in the hall is big. Its width is 16 meters and its depth is 40. It is one of the most technically equipped in the world. The scene consists of 16 separate, independent sites, each of which independently of others can be lowered, rotated, raised and tilted. There is also a turntable with a diameter of 15 meters. The stage is equipped with a lower level, which serves to prepare the scenery before they rise to the surface. Its depth is 9 meters. The platform also has two side scenes and one back stage. All mechanics are equipped with hydraulic, as well as electric drives. This allows you to control the scene with ease. Plus, all the mechanisms are completely silent.

Part of the stage equipment is below the water level in the Gulf for 16 meters. Behind the stage is a very large and wide corridor. Through it, trucks arrive directly on the stage for the convenience of unloading and loading.

The curtain of the main stage looks like a crumpled aluminum foil in its appearance. Its size is 23 by 11 meters. Weight - almost 500 kilograms.

Part of the electricity supply in the building is powered by solar panels, which are located on the facade of the building on the south side. They produce up to 20,000 kilowatt hours per year.

Opera performances

The Opera House (Oslo) offers its audience a very large and interesting repertoire. There are many unique performances here.

Opera repertoire:

  1. "Madame Butterfly".
  2. "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk."
  3. "Magical flute".
  4. "Turandot".
  5. "Military Requiem".
  6. "Pelleas and Melisande."
  7. "Return of Ulysses".
  8. "Orpheus and Eurydice."
  9. "Elysium" and others.

Ballet performances

Opera House in Oslo (Norway) the repertoire of choreographic productions offers the following:

  1. "Anna Karenina."
  2. "Don Quixote".
  3. "Hospital".
  4. "Evening Balanchine."
  5. "Carmen".
  6. "Giselle."
  7. "Swan Lake".
  8. "Black and white".
  9. "Nutcracker".
  10. "Puppet House" and others.


Opera House (Oslo, Norway) offers its visitors tours. Thanks to them, viewers will be able to see a lot of interesting things. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the life of the theater from the inside and to understand how the performances are created. You can visit the holy of holies - behind the scenes, see what the scene looks like on the other side of the curtain, look into the workshops, see how the decorations and props are made.

The guide will tell you about the architecture of the building. Visitors will be able to enter the make-up rooms and see how the rooms look in which the actors prepare for performances. Perhaps, even it will be possible to meet with a singer or a dancer, to observe how the make-up is superimposed, how the preparation for the role takes place. The excursion also includes a visit to the dressing room. Here you can see the costumes.

Duration of the tour is 50 minutes. For students of creative universities - an hour and a half with a detailed examination of the mechanics of the scene. Tickets to the world of the backstage can be purchased through the official website of the theater. From Monday to Saturday, excursions are conducted in Norwegian. Sunday - in English. Visit the tour can be a family, with colleagues, with friends, and also accepts collective applications from schools and kindergartens. For tour operators, there is a special price.


The Opera House (Oslo) has assembled on its stage a large troupe.


  1. Craig Cathcart.
  2. Yoshifumi Inao.
  3. Georgie Rose.
  4. Kari Ulfsen Kleven.
  5. Victoria Franciska Amundsen.
  6. Sebastian Goffen.
  7. Melissa Haf.
  8. Alexandra Santana.
  9. Marius Christensen.
  10. Emma Lloyd.
  11. Garrett Smith.
  12. Petter Moen.
  13. Yolanda Correa and other actors.

Buying tickets

On the official site you can buy tickets for performances at the Opera House (Oslo). The plan of the auditorium, presented in this article, will help you to choose locations that are convenient for location and affordable. How to buy a ticket? Everything is very simple. On the site of the theater you need to choose the performance you are interested in. At the bottom of the page there will be a calendar where it is indicated in which dates the given production is taking place. It is necessary to choose a convenient day. After that go to the column "Buy a ticket". Payment is made with the help of a bank card. The electronic ticket can be downloaded and printed, or ordered to be sent to e-mail or regular mail, and also be collected independently at the theater ticket office no later than one hour before the presentation begins. You can purchase from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also make a call to the ticket office of the theater and book tickets. You can also book places without payment. The duration of the reservation is 5 days. There is an opportunity to purchase a gift card for a certain number of productions. It is valid for two years. On it you can visit any theater performances.

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