Kazan airport of international class - the pride of the Tatar people

Many people planning their vacation in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan want to know exactly which air harbors are there and where it will be best to land. The main airport of Tatarstan is Kazan airport, where all major flights depart.

A bit of history

Kazan airport was built in 1979. This air harbor is located 26 km south of the city. The airport has 20 parking spaces for taking aircraft. This station is connected with the city by regular public transport. Every hour there is a route from the Kazan railway station to the airport. The runway 3500 m long was dismantled, and the current strip was built in a new location. Until 2004 there were 2 airports in Kazan, one of them was mothballed.

The main air lines of Tatarstan

In the period from 2009 to 2014, the Republic of Tatarstan plans to restore 10 airfields for local aviation purposes. It is also planned to undergo reconstruction and erect 7 spacious heliports, 20 modern helipads, and 20 sites needed for air traffic control.

The municipality proposes the re-creation of a regional network of aerodromes, among which are the following air harbors: functioning airfields Bugulma, Krutachi, Balcasi, international airport "Kazan". The reconstruction program will also affect small airfields in the main regional centers of the country.

The development of the airport occurred gradually in accordance with the requirements for the maintenance of vehicles and the proper level of equipment. After separation from the operating company "Tatarstan Airlines" this air harbor finally gained independence. In the future, the airport was waiting for another reconstruction, and at that time, in 1992, was already prepared a project to restore it. These measures have changed its appearance for the better. Residents and guests of Kazan can be proud that in their city there is such an excellent airport equipped with the latest technology.

Directions and representative offices of the company

Kazan airport is recognized as the base for the Republic of Tatarstan. There are representative offices of many leading airlines. For example, the company "Uteir" makes regular flights in the direction of Kazan Railway Station - Vnukovo Airport (Moscow). And this is not the only way in which passengers can go. The company "Avianova" daily sends its passengers flight Kazansky railway station - Sheremetyevo (airport).

Customers who prefer to conduct online registration, without spending a lot of time on the line, can do this easily on the company's official portal. There also it is possible, without coming to the Kazan airport, to look through the schedule. It displays all current flights in real time.

Transport links with Kazan

The air harbor is connected to the city by means of a dedicated aeroexpress, which covers a distance of 27 km. The time that passengers spend on the road from the station to the airport is only 20 minutes. This convenient Aeroexpress was launched at the opening of the Universiade. On the day of the official opening in the direction from the airport to the city, the head of the country Vladimir Putin passed by. He expressed his positive opinion about his good speed and comfort during the trip. Since the beginning of 2014, the German staff was changed to a modernized electric train due to the reduction in the number of passengers. The content of German models is much more expensive, by 40% compared to the new versions.

There is also a regular bus service from the airport to Kazan No. 97, departing from Agroprombank, through the villages of Stolbishte and Usad.

The motorway leads to the air harbor, which starts from the Orenburg highway. Kazan airport has a spacious parking lot with a total capacity of up to 700 cars and 50 shuttle buses.

Airport news

Kazan airport rightly deserved the status of "Best Airport-2015" in the framework of a national award called "Russia's Air Gate". The official awarding ceremony took place in one of the main metropolitan halls.

Specialists conducted evaluation activities on the following priority criteria:

  • Level of service for passengers and companies;
  • Basic operational indicators;
  • Ensuring proper transport security;
  • Other non-aeronautical activities.

All this test the air harbor with dignity withstood and won. And this is not the first victory in such contests. This triumph should become for her a serious stimulus for further development. This status was deserved due to the excellent level of service, which is provided due to the high level of professionalism of employees and the availability of high-tech equipment. The management of the airport is confident that it is still heard about this air harbor, because its development is regularly invested a decent amount of investment.

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