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Is it possible to cure a nail, a fungus that appeared forty years ago?

Fungal spores surround people everywhere. Some of them are constantly present in the composition of the microflora of the skin and mucous membranes and only if immunity is disturbed begin to multiply actively, causing inconvenience to its carrier.

Crafty and terrible, or what a nail fungus looks like

Externally, the fingernail affected by the fungus changes greatly: it loses its natural shine, thickens, flakes off, becomes friable, acquires a yellowish tint and, if untreated, can be completely destroyed.

Eating to life

A person for a while may not notice that he has a mycosis. Fungus on the legs, the signs of which can be difficult to recognize, sometimes manifests itself with only a slight flaking of the skin of the feet and white coating. It happens that the disease begins with the formation of a small cracks between the fingers or a slight exfoliation of the nail. Defeating the skin and fingernail, the fungus makes the structure of the protective covers loose, which contributes to the formation of wounds and hard-healing ulcers. In turn, the wounds can be further infected with bacteria, which will significantly complicate the course of the disease.

Than to treat?

Fungal diseases are difficult to treat, because their pathogens quickly become resistant to the effects of medication. A sick nail fungus literally eats alive. In the edification of the descendants I will describe my own experience in the fight against an insidious disease. So, practically destroyed nail fungus was found in an elderly relative, who remained the will of fate in my care. The woman first became infected in forty years and, having consulted a doctor, received advice to treat the affected areas with antifungal ointment. Despite the fact that the disease did not pass, until the eightieth birthday, the relative followed the advice of forty years ago, not knowing that fungi quickly lose sensitivity to medical devices and the cream that she uses has long lost its effectiveness. It was in my best interest to defeat the fungus. Therefore, consulting with the doctor, I found out fundamentally important things: fungi can penetrate deep layers of the skin and, given the duration and severity of the disease, local effects alone are clearly not enough. Treatment should be comprehensive: healthy food (cereals, vegetables, dried fruits), vitamins, antifungal tablets, preparations for the restoration of intestinal microflora, hygienic procedures for the feet.

Treatment Scheme

Salt baths for the feet - twice a day.

If the nail fungus that has hit the nail is not cured with the help of ointment, it is worth using "heavy artillery". In this case, it was the foot bath with sea salt (or ordinary table salt and several drops of iodine). Dead skin flakes and nails were removed with a salt scrub. After the bath, the feet were carefully wiped.

Iodine treatment - twice a day.

As there were non-healing wounds on the legs, we did not use alcohol solution. Remarkable drying and disinfecting effect has a solution of "Betadine", which we treated the affected areas of the skin.

Antifungal antibiotic locally and preorally - according to the scheme appointed by the doctor.

Let's sum up the results

Our hard work is not wasted. Within three months, healed ulcers on the skin. Six months later, all signs of the disease completely disappeared and new healthy nails grew. Thus, we conclude that even the most neglected case can be treated. It is important only to follow the doctor's recommendations exactly.

We draw the attention of lovers of home self-treatment to the fact that the fungus never "does not pass by itself". Temporary attenuation of the inflammatory process on the skin - not an occasion to interrupt the use of drugs prescribed by a doctor.

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