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Causes of severity in the stomach and ways to solve the problem

Heaviness in the stomach brings discomfort, interferes with the full life and affects the overall well-being. Anxiety can occur in any person, regardless of age and sex. The causes of gravity in the stomach lie in physiological and psychological factors. Consider what causes malaise and how to eliminate it.

Physiological causes

Most often, the weight in the epigastric zone is caused by physiological factors. To them Refers, in the first place, a violation of the functionality of the digestive system. Lead to this are various diseases: gastritis, ulcer, duodenitis and others. In some cases, the causes of gravity in the stomach are the pathologies of the intestine, which is found in children. To the physiological factors can be attributed and malnutrition. The negative effect on the stomach is the simultaneous use of incompatible products, for example, dishes of meat and potatoes. The severity arises immediately after eating, moreover, it threatens the development of pancreatitis and other very unpleasant diseases.

Psychological reasons

Psychological causes of gravity in the stomach are stresses and emotional experiences. As is known, the nervous system is directly related to digestion. And all the food consumed during a period of severe shock or stress, is almost not absorbed, but only settles on the bottom of the stomach. Subsequently, undigested food pieces may become stuck in the intestines and rot, leading to inflammation. When there are regular pain in the stomach, the causes can be found in too fast eating. This is most often affected by a rapid pace of life and stress.


It is almost impossible to find out the causes of gravity in the stomach independently. A qualified examination is required to determine the source of malaise. This is necessary for the timely diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases. If the digestive system is normal, then it is worth sticking to several rules that help after a meal not to suffer from pain and severity.

  • Is in small quantities, in small portions. From the table you need to get fed up, but not with A feeling of overeating.

  • It is necessary to eat at one time, giving it at least half an hour.

  • For rapid digestion in the diet should be vegetables.

  • Cooking is necessary only from the products that are suitable to each other.

  • Avoid fried and very greasy dishes.

  • Morning sandwich with sausage replaced with milk porridge and a glass of juice.

  • Do not abuse coffee.

  • Refuse to smoke and alcohol.

  • Arrange unloading days, in which you can consume only apples and juices from them.

  • Do not gorge on before going to sleep. But with a sense of hunger, do not go to rest. It is best to eat an apple an hour before sleep and drink a glass of warm milk.

  • Dry mouth - this is what causes pain in the abdomen, treatment after which will be long and costly. Instead of bread, cakes and other products for a quick snack, it is better to eat fruit or raw vegetables. This will not only help the work of the whole organism, but also enrich it with vitamins, which will add strength and energy.

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