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Instructions on how to care for skates: tips and secrets

Ice skating is one of the favorite entertainment for children and young people and a very popular sport. Availability of ice rinks, working in the summer, made it even more common among the Russian masses. True, non-athletes periodically forget that the used "equipment" requires some care, otherwise in the next season it may well become unsuitable for use. I think the proposed instruction on how to care for skates is useful to many beginners, skaters and amateurs just to ride on them. Here are collected the advice of experienced athletes, as well as masters involved in mending.

Instruction how to care for skates, by points

Nothing difficult for you to do. The main task - to protect the blade from rusting, and shoes - from deformation. And it is extremely easy to fulfill, if you follow these rules:

  1. Dry skates can only be in delicate conditions, away from open flames or radiators. During the day that separates you from the next workout (if you ride daily), they will dry naturally. And thus the boot will not suffer. If you are in doubt about the timing, use electric shoe driers that are laid inside.
  2. Skates should only be carried with covers on blades - this will prevent the risk of injury. However, immediately upon arrival at the rink or home, the covers must be removed. And from the carrying bag, skates should be immediately pulled out - keeping them in it is always harmful for the "well-being" of the inventory.
  3. Skating necessarily moistens the blade. Therefore, after finishing the training, they must be wiped off - at least with disposable paper napkins. And after returning home, carefully repeat the procedure with a dry soft rag.

As you can see, everyday care is primitive and is accessible even to a child. If your child skates on a skate, accustom him to take care of the inventory from the first day, but make sure that he does not cut himself while rubbing the blades.

Sharpening of skates

Sooner or later, the "driving part" is definitely dull. Especially fast it happens in beginners, unstable on the ice. Therefore, the instruction on how to care for skates includes information about their sharpening. It should be noted that the purpose of this procedure is not to increase the sharpness of the blades, but to restore the grooves to them, which are compared when rolling. Without a pronounced groove, the skate will begin to collapse, and you will not be able to repel or hold the balance.

Understand that it's time to sharpen, just: start to get tired and numb ankles. Doing this yourself is not very recommended: you need to do this skillfully, you will only spoil the situation, and still have to go to a professional. To sharpen the blade can be a certain number of times, after which they will have to be changed. Having engaged in amateur performance, you simply shorten their life.

Summer conservation

If you only ride on open ice, and in the summer you have completely different plans, you need to take care that your inventory "live" until the next season. The instruction how to look after skates, recommends such actions:

  1. Boots are tightly packed with paper. If you have special shoe pads - paste them. It's also good to put hygroscopic sachets inside - they will prevent moisture accumulation.
  2. Outside, shoes are well lubricated with petroleum jelly or shoe polish (even if they are not leather).
  3. Blades are fatty treated with machine oil or lithol.
  4. Each horse turns into a thick paper (newspapers will fit, only wrap it in a few layers) or placed in a cardboard box.

Packed skates must be stored in a dark place, where it is as dry as possible. Canned in this way, they will not last until the next season without problems.

What you need to know about commercials

Rollers are also skates, even in summer performance. In a sense, they have an even more complex construction than a winter prototype. And to use them longer, you need to know how to care for skates. A brief instruction looks like this:

  1. Wipe your shoes of dirt and dust.
  2. Regularly tighten the fasteners.
  3. Change the wheels in places, according to the instructions attached to the rollers.
  4. Lubricate the bearings.

The instruction on how to care for skates, be it their winter variant or summer one, is simple and does not require special efforts - only care and regularity. If you follow it, your sports inventory will last a very long time, and you will not have to buy a new one for years. Which is very pleasing, because skates are very expensive.

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