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How to make a wife in "Meincraft" with the help of fashion?

In Maynkraft you may well feel lonely. Of course, there will be a huge number of monsters around who will want to kill you, you can have a pet or a whole farm with horses, sheep and chickens, you can even visit the village in which the villagers live. But all this is not very happy, even the last point - because they are all the same person and differ only in what profession they perform. Therefore, it is recommended to download and install a modification of Comes Alive, which will significantly expand this area of the game. How? This is exactly what will be discussed in the article. You will learn how to make a wife in "Meincraft", then how to have children and create a full-fledged family.

Installing the mod

If you want to learn how to make a wife in "Meincraft", then you definitely should start with the download of the modification, because in the original version of the game there are not even any female characters. To do this, you need to find on the network appropriate to your version of the game of modes, upload it to your computer, and then put it in the appropriate folder in the game directory, which is called Mods. After that, you can start the game and wonder how much the world has changed. Here you can already think about how to make a wife in "Meincraft".


Before thinking about how to make a wife in Meincraft, you better look around and see what has changed. First of all, pay attention to the fact that new crafting recipes have appeared-mostly they allow you to create engagement rings, as well as various gifts, outfits and even diadems with crowns for the bride. But who will be this bride? This is where the most interesting thing happens. Remember the villagers with huge noses, which all look identical, except the color of their clothes, which means who does what by craft? Now you will not see them again, because this mod completely replaces their appearance on the skins of men and women, and differ from each other. Moreover, they receive a new functionality, that is, you can now flirt with the villagers, flirt with them - that's what you are offered to enter into the "Maincraft" fashion for his wife. But what about marriage?

Wife or husband

Fashion for his wife in "Meincraft" not only changes the texture and character of the villagers - the most important thing is that it allows you to create a full-fledged family. You can flirt with different girls, but one that will please you the most, can become your wife. To do this, you need to look after her, give gifts, and then offer an engagement ring. Then you can formalize the marriage and live happily ever after. Moreover, the female model of the main character was introduced into the game, so now you can find not only your wife but also your husband among the villagers.

What's next?

But this does not end there. The fact is that you can have children with your wife (or your husband), whom you will take care of, whom you will raise and bring up. The most interesting thing is that they can also grow up and have their own children - so you can create a full-fledged family in several generations. Note that other characters also begin a relationship with each other, so you can beat off someone's bride or just watch how the relationship develops in the village. Accordingly, the population will constantly grow, and you can then look for new partners and friends. The most important thing is that you will never be lonely. After all, now the village will be filled with different people, and not monotonous villagers with whom you could only conduct business relations.

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