How to activate bonuses on "Megaphone" for friends or relatives?

Are you a subscriber of Megafon? Would you like to regularly receive points, and then exchange them for minutes of communication, SMS and Internet traffic? Then we invite you to take part in the Megaphone Bonus program. Do not know what you need for this? All the necessary information is contained in the article. You will learn how to activate bonuses on Megafon and correctly use them.

general information

Before you start to accumulate and exchange points, you must declare your fate in the "Megaphone-Bonus" program. You can do this in one of the following ways:

1. Send a message with the text "5010" to the number 5010.

2. Dial * 105 # on the telephone keypad and press the call button.

3. Call 0510 (for free) and get detailed instructions.

4. Use the "Service Guide" option. You need to register, and then you will have access to the "Personal Cabinet". Then you can connect / disconnect any services without contacting the operators.

If you did everything right, your number will be notified of the launch of the Megaphone Bonus program. How to activate points when they accumulate enough? What can they be exchanged for? You will learn about this a little later. In the meantime, we'll talk about how and for what points are awarded.

It should be noted that the participants of the program do not need to calculate anything themselves. Scoring is automatic. The total number of outgoing calls, MMS and SMS is taken into account. One point is 30 rubles spent by the subscriber for mobile services, including the Internet.

But that is not all. If within a month the balance of the mobile account does not go to minus, then as a reward to the subscriber 2 points are accrued. Most of the bonuses they get for long conversations on the phone. For this is charged as much as 5 points. The same number is received by the user of the Megafon network on the day of his birth. The bonus balance is updated monthly until the 10th day.

Accumulated points can be exchanged:

  • On the SMS.
  • For free minutes.
  • On money in the form of discounts.
  • For roaming services.
  • On gift certificates.
  • On the Internet traffic.

How to check the number of points and translate them to other numbers

You participate in the program "Megaphone-bonus" quite recently, but already managed to send hundreds of messages, made dozens of calls and spent several megabytes of traffic? Then it's time to check the number of accumulated points. You can do it like this:

1. Send SMS with the number "0" to number 5010. Information is provided free of charge.

2. Enter the USSD menu by typing the combination * 105 #.

3. Call on the number 0510.

4. Visit the "Personal Account" on the operator's website and clarify the information there. This will take a few minutes.

You can not only use bonuses yourself, but also share them with friends and relatives. To do this, send a message to the number 5010 in the following format: "bonus code" - space - "phone number of the subscriber to whom you want to transfer points" (10 digits without the eight). Then you will be notified of the operation.

"Megaphone bonus": how to activate points on SMS

Prefer to communicate with friends via SMS? Then we offer to exchange the accumulated points for free SMS. To do this, dial * 115 #. A menu will appear on the screen. In it we find the item "Activation of bonuses" and choose the appropriate item. After these steps are completed, another window with the package options - 5, 10, 20 or more SMSs, should open.

Exchange points for money and the Internet

Many subscribers are interested in how to activate bonuses on Megafon to get discounts on conversations and use of the network. We are ready to share the information they are interested in.

Exchange points for money (discounts for calls) can be implemented in three ways:

  • Through a system called "Service Guide". Go to the operator's website and select the appropriate item.
  • By sending an SMS with a certain code to 50101. For example, if you have 15 bonuses, then you can expect to receive a discount of 5 rubles.
  • Through the USSD-menu. On the telephone keypad, dial * 115 * package code * 1 and press the call button.

Now let's talk about how to activate bonuses on Megafon and exchange them for megabytes of Internet. First you need to get information about the number of points accumulated on the account. Sending an empty message to 5010.

To make an exchange of bonuses on the Internet, you need to call 0510. Instructions for further actions you will receive from the autoinformer. Also you can send SMS to 5010 number with the indication of a special code. If you need to change 40 bonuses for 100 megabytes, then the message is 165. For 80 points the subscriber will receive 200 MB. In this case, the code is 185.

"Megaphone-bonus": how to activate points for minutes

Internet, discounts for outgoing calls, free SMS - this is only part of the rewards for which the participant of the program can count. Most often, subscribers exchange bonus points for minutes. And this is not surprising.

Those who communicate a lot on the phone can save a lot with the program "Megaphone-bonus." How to activate the minutes in this case?

Method number 1 - call the number 0510, carefully listen to the autoinformer and perform everything strictly according to his instructions.

Method number 2 - visit the operator's website and use the "Service Guide".

Method number 3 - send to SMS 5010 number containing a special code.

To make calls within the network in the Russian Federation (except Moscow) :

  • 5 minutes. - 25 points (code "405");
  • 30 min. - 145 points ("406"):
  • 60 min. - 240 points ("407");
  • 120 min. - 470 points ("408").

Intranet calls in Moscow and the region :

  • 10 min. - 25 bonuses ("205");
  • 30 min. - 65 bonuses ("215");
  • 60 min. - 100 bonuses ("230");
  • 120 min. - 170 bonuses ("260");
  • 240 min. - 300 bonuses ("265").


Now you know how to activate bonuses on Megafon and exchange them for free SMS, minutes of communication, Internet traffic and other prizes. Any subscriber of the Megafon network can participate in the program. No additional connections are required. SIM-card, which is used for several years, is quite suitable. The main thing is to fulfill all the conditions of the action and to correctly dial the necessary combinations.

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