Do not know how to disable "Auto payment" from Sberbank? There are several true ways!

All owners of Sberbank cards of international standard are aware of such a service as "Autoplay" from Sberbank. How to connect this service, many know, but it is not known to everyone that it is possible to turn it off. Before you understand the immediate shutdown procedure, you need to understand the essence of the service and the features of the shutdown.

Auto payment service from Sberbank

"Auto payment" is an additional service from Sberbank for its customers, which allows to make different payments automatically by debiting funds from your own card. This service exists relatively recently and has already gained popularity among regular customers.

The convenience of this service is in the provision of the possibility to automatically replenish the account of your own mobile phone when you reach the minimum balance, pay various bills and services, fines and credits. Replenishment occurs every time in an automatic manner when certain specified criteria are reached by deductions from a bank card.

What is AutoPayment?

As the name suggests, disabling the AutoPayment service is a complete cancellation and non-use of the service. After choosing this service and passing the necessary procedure, all previously set parameters, of course, are canceled. All conditions and necessary information can be obtained on the website of the organization.

Reasons for shutdown

Reasons for refusal can serve a variety of factors. The most unpleasant disadvantage with auto payments to mobile phones is that if 3-6 months (depending on the circumstances of the agreement) you do not use the phone number provided, the operator transfers it to another person who with the number will gain absolute access to your accounts via a "mobile bank ", As well as the service of replenishment of balance. This situation is the most important reason for disabling the service to auto-update the balance of the phone.

Despite the great convenience, this proposal has its own disadvantages, which are not always satisfied with users.

Here are just some of the shortcomings of the service, which may not suit the user:

- In the absence of even the minimum amount for the payment, the service does not work.

- When the user's card is blocked for some reason, all auto payments are automatically canceled.

In any case, regardless of the reason for the cancellation of the service - personal or for any external reasons, - the service is disconnected quickly.

How to disable Auto payment from Sberbank?

Many users are interested in the issue of disabling this service by the most secure methods, so as not to overpay extra money and not to spend time. You can do this by performing some easy actions.

All the necessary information is presented to users on the official website of the organization, which offers 4 options for disabling (using sms, using terminals and ATMs of Sberbank, directly on the site, by calling).

Disconnection with the help of "Sberbank online"

This method is very convenient and allows you to disconnect from an unnecessary function online directly on the site. The user must be registered in the system and have their own login and password to enter. After visiting your personal account, you need to go to the "Regular payments" section, where all the data on payments that are connected are provided. On this page you can freely turn off the service, which you do not need. The deal is done - the service is off! If suddenly you again need to connect the service, you can freely do it in the same section of the Savings Bank.

So, to disable auto payment through Sberbank-online you need:

1) Open the section "Payments and transfers".

2) Stop choosing "My auto payments".

3) Go to the list provided on "Manage auto payments".

4) Select the button "Operations", after that the list of active auto payments will open.

5) Set the "Disconnect" action in the operations section.

6) Select the "Issue an application" key to disable the auto payment. This is relevant for any type of auto payment connected to you in Sberbank. The screen will show the current characteristics of the auto payment.

7) Press the "Confirm by SMS" button.

8) Enter the required text of the confirmation code that came in sms, thus canceling the auto payment option. For some time the status of the request will be in the state of execution by the bank.

9) If you successfully disconnect, you will receive an SMS message.

Disabling via SMS

How to disable "Auto payment" from Sberbank via phone? It is only necessary to send a sms-message with the contents of " Autoplate " to a special short number 900 *. When sending SMS text, you should pay special attention to the hyphen after the main word, which is indicated necessarily.

So, go to the section of messages in your phone, create an sms message, where in the column "To" specify 900 and enter without the quotes the text "Autoplate-". Also, the message may look like "Avtoplatezh-". In cases where several payment cards are connected to the phone number, you must specify the final figures from the card number at the end of the 4. It is also possible to specify the phone number for which you wish to disable the offer, but this parameter is optional. If you decide that it's better to send all the text in full with all the characteristics, your SMS will be as follows: "Auto payment- 7777777777 (ХХХХ)", where 7777777777 is the phone number without 8 (or +7), and Х - the final 4 digits from № Card. The sent message will be processed, and you will receive a message from the bank that the cancellation of the service was successful.

Disconnection through ATMs and terminals of Sberbank of Russia

This method is no less convenient than all the others. To implement it, you need to visit the nearest ATM or the terminal of the organization and perform certain actions for shutdown. So, the algorithm of actions: the card needs to be inserted into the ATM and go to the "Disabling autopayment" section. Then, select the operator of the connection and enter the direct telephone number. Then you need to confirm your actions using a PIN on the card. If you have entered all the information correctly, the ATM will print a receipt for acceptance of your application. Already in the very near future, "Auto payment" must disable. After the necessary coordination, the service will be deactivated. It should be noted that there is one nuance: if you have mistakenly indicated the information, you will not be informed by the banking organization. In such cases, you will be able to re-do the operation with the previous method or go for support to the bank branch.

Disconnection through the bank branch

This method is suitable for those who for some reason are afraid of doing independent actions. When you visit Sberbank, do not forget to take your passport and all the necessary documents with you. If you do not know how to disable "Auto payment" from Sberbank through the phone (or other methods), the bank's employees will help to solve the problem.

Disconnecting through the hotline phone

Another type of deactivation of the service is making a direct call to the hotline number 88005555550, the call is free. After connecting to the operator, you will need to provide all the necessary data. To obtain the desired result, simply answer the employee's questions. Also you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions, for example, about the function of a mobile bank (Sberbank).

"Autopayment" is disabled in this way very easily. This feature is very convenient for those who are interested in additional information.

How to turn off AutoPayment service from Sberbank to MTS, Beeline, Megafon and other tariffs

Mobile phones in modern society enjoy the vast majority of citizens. And many of them are holders of Sberbank bank cards. The use of the "Autopayment" service may differ for different operators by tariffs, which is mandatory for the participants to know. Many subscribers, if they wish to refuse the service of auto payments, raise a lot of questions connected with the mobile communication operator. For example, how to turn off the AutoPayment service from Sberbank on Megaphone (or Beeline, MTS, etc.). And these questions are not accidental.

If you do not need a service, then the shutdown occurs in traditional ways, but with the mandatory indication of your operator.

So, some features of cancellation services for specific operators:

1) When disconnected through ATMs and terminals. Initially, it is necessary to insert the card into the machine and select the section "Information and Service" or "Mobile Bank". Important in this case will be when clicking the section "Auto payments" the choice of its own communication operator (Beeline, MTS, etc). For example, if you are interested in how to disable Auto payment from Sberbank (Megafon), then you should choose Megafon. Then follow the instructions.

2) How to disable "Auto payment" from Sberbank via SMS? It is necessary to send a message with the text "Autoplay-" (quotes are not specified) to short number 900. Megafon subscribers should know that "900" is a number for the Moscow region. Users from other regions should use the numbers 8 (926) 2000900 or 8 (916) 5723900.

3) In other cases everything is very simple.

- When applying to Sberbank support, use the specialized call center number: 88005555550. After the operator answers, follow all the instructions and answer the necessary questions with the obligatory indication of your telecom operator.

- When applying to bank branches, go to the consultant with the question of how to disable the "Auto payment" from Sberbank.

- If you turn off online, if you have a registered subscriber account (on the carrier's website), go to your own office and go to the "Auto payments" item for further detailed and understandable instructions if you really want to turn off the AutoPayment service. Sberbank quickly fulfill your request.

Remember that by incorrectly specifying your operator, you will mislead the system and you will not be able to shutdown!

Example: How to disable the "Auto payment" service from Sberbank Beeline-operator? Specifying, respectively, the operator "Beeline".


Summing up, it's safe to say that society does not stand still and innovative technologies allow to put the quality of customer service to the highest level. Sberbank is a fairly serious organization, and such a convenient service as AutoPayment, once again emphasizes customer care. Disabling the auto payment service is as easy as connecting it. All the necessary information is presented on the company's website, and in several possible and convenient options. Do not know how to disconnect payment from Sberbank? Just visit the Sberbank website and find the most suitable way for yourself.

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