How to connect "Everywhere at home" to "Beeline", MTS and "MegaFon"?

It's no secret that overseas trips lead to additional expenses, which have to be spent on cellular communication for communication with family and business partners. In roaming, the cost of calls and SMS messages can double, or even triple, compared to the cost in the coverage area of the home network. The only way out of this situation was the invention of a special service "Everywhere as at home." Several large cellular giants have worked on solving this problem, providing almost the whole of the Russian Federation with a mobile connection. As a result, an answer was found to the question of how to connect "Everywhere at home" for any of the three major mobile operators - MTS, Beeline and MegaFon.

What is a service?

This option will significantly save money on the balance of your cell phone in the event that you made a trip abroad. In addition, the service is extended also when the customer is within the home network and at the same time calls a person who is outside the home region. Especially interested is the answer to the question of how to connect "Everywhere at home", those subscribers who regularly fly abroad and maintain communication with foreign partners while staying within their region. It is worth noting that this service is possible for activation, regardless of whether the subscriber of which of the three largest networks is the user, but each of them is distinguished by some features specific only to it.

MTS: Features

If you are a subscriber of Mobile TeleSystems and decided to activate the service "Everywhere at Home", you should know some features related to the network balance. First of all, it is worth saying that a one-time fee for connecting an option is 30 rubles, which will be withdrawn from the account immediately. The subscription fee is withdrawn from the subscriber's account for every day and is five rubles, and this amount does not depend on whether the user is in the home region or has left Russia. For many, the conditions offered by the MTS tariff "Everywhere as at home" are very beneficial. Connect it will not be difficult, if you have been a subscriber of the network for several months. The conditions are as follows:

  • The cost of long-distance calls with any operators of the territory of the Russian Federation is 3 rubles per minute.
  • The cost of other options and services does not change, even if your phone is included in MTS roaming. "Everywhere at home" to connect is not difficult, and regardless of your tariff.
  • If you decide to turn off the service, then a repeated fee will not be charged.

MTS: how to connect?

If you want to learn how to connect "Everywhere at home" on your MobileTeleSystem number, you should consider three possible ways to activate the option:

  • A set of a digital combination on your phone * 111 * 3333 # followed by a call forward;
  • Use the Internet Assistant in your account on the official website;
  • Send an SMS message to the number 111, which will contain the code 3333 (to withdraw the service, you should send a message from 03333).

Beeline: features

The main features of the option in this network are practically the same as those that are present on the MTS network:

  • The cost of the service is 3 rubles per minute, regardless of whether you are roaming or call abroad;
  • If you are outside the home region, all incoming calls will be free for you, subject to the "Beeline" tariff plan "Everywhere as at home"; How to connect this option will be described in the next section;
  • Tariffication of other services is carried out according to the previously established tariff plan.

"Beeline": how to connect?

You can get an option on your phone by contacting the operator, who will not only answer you with a question about how to connect "Everywhere at home", but will also talk in detail about all the other features of using this service. For example, warns that a one-time payment of 30 rubles is charged for the connection. Also you can try to set up your phone yourself by going to your personal account on the official site, and also by using the * 111 * 3333 # command.

MegaFon: features

Before you learn about how to connect "Everywhere at home" on the "MegaFon" number, it should be noted that in the coverage area of this mobile connection the service is called somewhat differently - "All Russia", however it does not change the essence. At the same time, if we talk about the features of the option, then they are similar, as for the two previous networks: the connection costs 30 rubles per day, and all outgoing calls cost three rubles per minute. Do not forget about the subscription fee, which is 5 rubles per day, while if the service was turned off after 24 hours, the payment will be charged for a partial day in full. In principle, the cost of the service will vary significantly depending on the branch in which the SIM card "MegaFon" was purchased. The more remote the region from the capital, the more expensive it can be the option, with which you can connect roaming. "MegaFon" in Russia "Everywhere at home" you can use at a single price, affordable depending on the region.

"MegaFon": how to connect?

Ways of connection depend directly on the wishes of the owner of the room, as well as on the availability of free time and the possibility of working on the Internet:

  • Connection using the Service Guide, which is the official online assistant for the network user;
  • Connection with a single subscriber service via a single phone 0500, where specialists will come to your aid;
  • Using a digital combination sent from the phone * 105 * 356 #;
  • By SMS message sent to number 00105356;
  • Having addressed in any official service of "Megaphone" which employees at you will make inclusion or deenergizing of service, in the same place you can fill up the balance and receive answers to any questions interesting you.

What is the benefit of the service?

Despite the fact that this option for all three giants of modern mobile communications has different names, the conditions for its use are the same. Moreover, this tariff was originally created to save money for users who are forced to regularly make calls in roaming or on phones that are outside the home network. For comparison, let's look at an example: before any call abroad or from abroad, home could be at least 9 rubles per minute, so most users returned to their home country on a big minus on their balance sheet. The result was a peeked sim card and a complete disappointment in the cellular communication as such. The second half of travelers prefer to deprive themselves of the opportunity to communicate in roaming, without making any calls or sending messages. Thanks to the same new service, subscribers of any of the three networks, be it MTS, Beeline or MegaFon, will not have to deprive themselves of the opportunity to communicate with their loved ones while outside their home country.

Also worth noting is the rather low cost of a subscription fee in any of the three networks with the option turned on. Earlier, the amount of subscription fee could be 30 rubles a day or more, now its dimensions have significantly decreased.

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