How on the "Megaphone" to hide the number. How to call a hidden number ("MegaFon")

Today it seems strange, and even 15 years ago, when people called, people diligently dictated and wrote down their phone number, afraid of making a mistake. Today it took over the technique. On the screen of any mobile phone, the number of the incoming call is displayed, and if you save it in the address book, you will also see the owner's name. As a result, even before picking up the phone, the person knows who is calling him, and can decide if it is worth lifting the phone.

On the one hand, it's all very convenient. Well, if only because you do not need to introduce yourself once again. And on the other - in case of conflict a person can not pick up the phone, and it will be very difficult to communicate with him. Often, for this reason, many are beginning to wonder how to hide the number on MegaFon. It's the only way to call and remain unrecognized. This service is called "number anti-determination", and it can be connected as one-time, and for an unlimited period.

One-time prohibition of number identification

Basically, of course, customers of the cellular company prefer to call without hiding. That is why the one-time ban on determining the number is the most popular among them. It is very easy to use. It's enough to type the combination # 31 # before the desired number.

Or you can select "Call Management" in the phone settings in the menu and specify that the number should not be determined. Depending on the model, the name of the item may vary slightly, but it is present in almost all mobile devices. It is important to remember that the phone number will not be determined until you cancel the option through the same menu. And of course, even knowing how to hide the number on MegaFon, you should not abuse this service without the need.

Unlimited Anti-Caller ID

However, in some cases, you still need to make sure that the phone number is not determined far more than once. Naturally, each time typing the above combination is not entirely convenient. And then how to call the hidden number? "MegaFon" for such situations offers to connect "Unlimited Anti-AON". While this service is active, the number will not be automatically detected on the phone's display.

To connect the service it is enough to dial the combination * 848 # or send SMS to number 000848. Also for help you can contact the company's employees in the contact center, service office or leave an application on the site. However, in this case you will need to provide your passport details. And, of course, like any other service, "Unlimited Anti-AON" can be connected through the "Service Guide".

Price of issue

Sadly, it's impossible to hide the number on MegaFon for free. The fee even for a one-time prohibition of determining the number was introduced in order to prevent telephone hooliganism. Most often, such actions are peculiar to children and adolescents, whose mobile account is replenished by parents. It is unlikely that this behavior will go unnoticed in this case.

So, for a single prohibition of determining the number of accounts will be charged 5 rubles for each call (both when dialing a combination, and when connecting through the menu of the phone). For "Unlimited Anti-AON" subscription fee will be 30 rubles a month. And it is written off at a time, on the day of connection, regardless of whether the subscriber used the service or not. Connection and disconnection is free of charge, if you do not contact the company for help.

Disabling the service

Whichever service you need at the moment, you may always need to disable it. This also applies to the anti-determinator. In the case of a one-time ban on determining a number, simply do not type the desired combination, and your number will be highlighted, as usual. And if it was installed through the menu of the device, you just need to remove the check mark in the corresponding item.

"Unlimited Anti-Caller ID" can be disabled the same way as you connect, using USSD, sending a short message or via the "Service Guide". In addition, you can contact the company's employees in the contact center or service office. To disable the service using USSD, dial * 848 * 0 #. Or you can send a text message with the text "stop" to the number 000848.

It is worth noting that if you need to call once, without hiding your number, it is not necessary to unplug Unlimited Anti-AON. It is enough to dial in front of the desired phone * 31 #, and the called subscriber will see who is calling him. And it will be completely free.

Features of the service

For all MegaFon subscribers, the "Hidden Number" service - which is what customers call it - is provided by default and does not require additional activation. It is included in the basic package of services, regardless of the tariff plan. Therefore, it operates without any restrictions, and anyone can use it.

However, the cellular company warns: in spite of the fact that the called subscriber will not see the numbers, the system in any case determines it, and in case of illegal actions all data will be immediately submitted to the appropriate authorities. This is usually done if the phone has sounded threats to the life and health of others, or in the case of fraud.

How to find out the hidden number?

"MegaFon", understanding those customers, who constantly receive calls from an indefinite number, provided opportunities for exposing such a bully. So, you can clarify this information in the office of the company. Any employee who has access to the database will be able to notify the SIM card holder of all incoming calls. You need to have a passport or a driving license. But since it is not convenient for everyone to drive to the office, MegaFon has developed a special service called SuperAON.

Service "SuperAON"

The appearance of this service has allowed many subscribers once and for all to deal with annoying calls. After all, thanks to her, there will not even be a question about how to determine the hidden number of "MegaFon" or another cellular company. It is enough to connect it by any of the available methods, and all on each incoming call, the number of the caller is determined on the display.

You can activate the service with USSD (* 502 #) by sending an SMS message to 5502 number with the number "1" or by calling 0066. You can also use the personal office by selecting "Options, tariffs and services". Those who can not deal with this on their own will always come to the aid of the company's consultants in the office or contact center.

After the service "SuperAON" will be connected, every day from the account will be charged 5 rubles per day. The same connection and disconnection of the service is free of charge. After the desired number has been recognized, most prefer "SuperAON" to disable (you can do this via USSD * 502 * 0 #, sending a message with the text "STOP" to number 5502 or via the "Service Guide"). Again, you can call for help from specialists in the call center or the nearest service office.


Despite the fact that most customers of the cellular company know how to hide the number on MegaFon, they do not hurry to use this service. After all, in fact, it is very convenient when, lifting the receiver, a person knows with whom he has to talk. In addition, it is obvious that, having missed an important call, you can always call back later. With an undetermined number to find out if the right person called you, it is very difficult. Often the owner of a mobile phone can simply feel uncomfortable talking, for example, on a bus or at a meeting. As soon as possible, he will immediately call back.

And anyway, to call from an undefined number is simply impolite. Therefore, even if you know how to hide the number on Megafon, do not rush to use the anti-determinator.

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