Glass house and complete fusion with nature

Glass is one of the most unique materials ever created by man. The widest application it received in the interior of houses, and, not only for window glazing.

Until recently we were sure that the country house should be made necessarily of wood. Such a building meets all the requirements of comfort and is the best fit for our climate. The only drawback of a wooden house is a lack of light. Even if large windows are installed, it is still dark in the rooms. So do not be surprised that the architects and designers offer to settle in a house made of glass.

The glass house, the fabulous air castle, thanks to modern building technologies, has become quite a real thing. This is not just a building, where there are large windows or glass facades. Already there are houses where almost everything is made of this brittle-looking material: walls, roofs, floors, doors, partitions and even stairs.

In such houses an unusual atmosphere of airiness and lightness is created. The border between the inner space and the surrounding nature is erased. Glass facades of houses allow you to admire the greenery of the garden, glass roofs - the beauty and mystery of the night sky. Large panoramic windows in the form of a sliding wall can function as windows, and a bearing wall, and doors to a balcony or garden.

These amazing houses can be erected as completely of glass, and have only a partial glazing. The glass house is not an ordinary "box" that is usual to the eye, but an amazing design that spreads space and creates the illusion that you are constantly living in nature, and the surrounding space literally breathes fresh air and bathes in the sun's rays.

Psychologists say that in this room a person can relax and fully rest. However, this is real only on the condition that there is no feeling of constant peeping and control. If the surrounding landscapes are boring, or you want to live, even in a temporary, but complete detachment from the world, you can simply draw the curtains that are provided for in such a design. And then from transparent such a room will turn into a traditional one.

Despite the seeming fragility, the glass house is a very sturdy construction. When it is created, glass of increased strength is used, which meets all safety and reliability requirements. It is made by modern technology, has a special composition and has been specially processed. For example, laminated glass consists of several layers of different thickness, and tempered glass is 10 times stronger than normal. Glass can be completely transparent, and matte, partially decorated with stained-glass patterns or have the effect of easy spraying.

When building a house using composite materials, transparent slate, plexiglas, glass, covered with a special film, or glass from polymers. Glass doors for the house will reliably protect it from the intrusion of unwanted guests. In order that in case of breaking, the fragments do not crumble, a special metal mesh is used. The reliability of the structure depends on the profile systems made of wood, plastic, aluminum or steel. The house establishes all the necessary communication systems that allow living in the modern conditions of civilization, and not in the "Stone Age".

A glass house is usually built by creative people who adore nature. But they are suitable for the life of fans of shocking, bringing into their lives some extreme, shocking public "note". Visiting such a unique home will indeed cause a storm of emotions, because the house of glass will not leave anyone indifferent. And modern design solutions will allow to create such designs not only in the traditional high-tech style for glass, but also in the style of baroque, modern, rococo. Such a house, lit from the inside, seems like a real palace from a fairy tale and looks simply luxurious.

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