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Gamadari sauce: the secrets of cooking

Gamadari sauce is very popular in Japan and many other countries in Asia. Distributed his recipe and far beyond the historical homeland. In Europe and the US, you can easily find a ready-made sauce in any supermarket. It is noteworthy that it is served not only with dishes of traditional Japanese cuisine, for which it was originally intended, but also with various meat, vegetable and fish dishes.

In Russian supermarkets to find this delicious food is not so simple. But you can regard this as an extra reason to prepare the sauce "Gamadari" yourself. The recipe is not so simple, but if you already have basic skills in preparing various dishes of Japanese cuisine, then you can cope with it. And our article will help you in this.

Features of the dish

In Japan, the hamadary is a traditional dressing of the Chuka salad. At the heart of the recipe are nuts, sesame and spices, highlighted by the harsh notes of rice vinegar and soy sauce.

The expressive sweet and sour taste of the sauce fits well with different dishes, so you can also serve Gamadari sauce with baked meat, vegetable salads and grilled fish.


To prepare a classic sauce, we will need some products. Many of the ingredients are in every house, but for some of the components you will have to hunt in the Asian departments of the supermarket.

The main role is played by peanuts - it needs 100 g. Also, prepare 20 grams of sesame seeds. It will take one teaspoon of sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce and mustard. Sunflower oil needs about 4 tbsp. L. The amount of water can vary - on average enough 4-5 st. L. An important component is sugar, preferably brown, 2 tsp.

There are different versions of the recipe. Some add to the sauce "Gamadari" grated ginger, peanut paste, fried seeds, rice wine mirin. But to start better with the simplest. If you are preparing this dish for the first time, clearly measure the ingredients and discard any experiments. Time for them will come when you master the basic recipe.


The main flavoring accents, which the "Gamadari" sauce possesses, give him nuts and sesame. So we'll start the cooking with them.

Peel the peanuts. Preheat the pan without oil and fry the nuts until golden. Fat in peanuts and so it is enough, therefore prepare it on a dry frying pan. Best for this purpose is a cast-iron wok. Finished nuts in a bowl blender.

In the same frying pan lightly fry sesame seeds, send it to nuts and carefully grind to a consistency resembling flour.

Pour vinegar, mustard, soy sauce into the bowl, add sugar. Again, work with a blender until you achieve absolute homogeneity.

It remains to introduce the oil into the mixture. At this stage, it may be more convenient to use a regular table spoon, and not a blender. At the very end, pour in water. It is better not to add everything at once - add in small portions until you get the desired density.

Feed to the table

Gamadari sauce is served to various types of Japanese seafood dishes, shrimp soup, gedza dumplings. It fits perfectly with Chinese and Thai cuisine: baked chicken, soups, glass and rice noodles. A harmonious combination of the dominant nutty taste with bright notes of soy sauce and rice vinegar is also a company for traditional dishes of European cuisine.

Served in a serving saucepans, so that each of the guests can add sauce to the main dish at their own discretion, or dip it into pieces, holding them with chopsticks.

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