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Day of the grandmother and grandfather in Russia. What gift to give to my grandfather and grandmother

It is often said that grandparents indulge grandchildren. Like, for the strictness and upbringing there are parents, but the task of the older generation is not only to share experience, but also to ensure that the childhood of the kids passed happily and cheerfully. And all my life, then grateful grandchildren remember grandmothers and grandfathers with love and respect.

Good to know

In many countries of the world there is even a holiday dedicated to them. The day of grandparents is celebrated in Moldova, Poland, Italy and France. And this holiday has nothing to do with the World Day of the Elderly, which takes place annually on October 1 at the initiative of the United Nations. And this is correct, because not all representatives of the older generation can rightly be called a grandmother or grandfather. After all, they may well not have grandchildren or children.

So, the Day of Grandparents in Poland is celebrated on two dates - January 21 and 22. This approach allows you to congratulate the elderly members of the family individually and to express respect to each of them - in fact, they usually have different functions. Grandmothers are almost always famous as cooks, spoiling their grandsons delicious. And grandfathers often tell tales, read books, lead grandchildren to fishing, in a section or just for walks. Although sometimes these duties can be quite different.

No less love their old people in Moldova, Italy and France. There, this holiday takes place on different days. In Italy, it was established in 2005 by the "first grandfather" of the state - President Carlo Ciampi. He chose the Catholic day of guardian angels for such an important family holiday . And at the initiative of Turkey, a similar holiday began to celebrate on February 8, before the Day of All Lovers. This choice is intended to emphasize that all events of our life begin with the meeting of our grandparents.

Celebrating in Russia

And how are things in our country? Is Grandmother's Day celebrated in Russia? Until recently, older relatives were deprived of their separate commemorative date. But thanks to the Flower Bureau of Holland began to celebrate the Day of Grandparents in Russia.

For 5 years now, October 28 is considered a festive date for all happy owners of grandchildren and grandchildren. It was first celebrated in 2009, and over time it only became more popular. The choice of date for celebrating Grandparents' Day in Russia is not accidental: the Slavs had a very important day. After all, this is the forgotten holiday of the family hearth and strong family relations.

What is usually given on the Day of Grandparents in Russia?

Traditional gifts are candy, sweets, household items - everything that will emphasize the comfort of the house of the older generation. Especially happy grandmother simple kitchen appliances that can facilitate her work in the kitchen. Modern elderly people are quite at odds with most home appliances, but, of course, it will be better if the gift is not too difficult to handle. By the way, to be closer to your grandparents, you can make them such a present as a mobile phone. Now in almost all specialized stores there are so-called "babushkofony" for sale - simple to manage models designed for those who find it difficult to keep up with the world of high technologies.

Also in the fashion European tradition to give grandparents potted houseplants - because they just also took care of us, their grandchildren, and raised for joy. This approach is very touching and will surely please older people. Although any gift made by grandchildren will certainly occupy the most important place in their hearts.

Other gift options

Another wonderful gift for grandparents will be a photo album with your joint photos or just with the portraits of all family members. Especially it is significant for those who live far from their grandchildren and sees them quite rarely. The photo album will be a good reminder that you appreciate and love your older relatives. And if good and good words are written in it, the gift will be doubly significant. And if you consider paper carriers "the last century", you can add grandparents to the novelties - to give them a digital photo frame. It combines the functions of a photo album and a decorative element of the interior.

Presentations for the day of the grandfather in Russia?

We all know that unlike ours, European and Japanese pensioners do not lose time for nothing and after traveling are often and with pleasure traveling. They can be seen in almost any country: tanned, smiling people with cameras that relish every moment of their lives. Unfortunately, our grandmothers and grandfathers are often unable to afford such a pastime. But, perhaps, that's exactly why they have caring grandchildren. If you want to make them a luxurious and memorable gift, get them a ticket to the sanatorium - so that they can rest from sitting at home, and the world is seen, and health is corrected - yet in old age it will certainly be superfluous. And if there is a desire and opportunity, take them on a trip personally - which can be more wonderful and pleasant for grandparents than spending time with their grandchildren, also on a trip.

And it is not necessary to go to exotic countries, because in Russia there are many interesting places that can be visited with high comfort, because grandparents hardly want to ride extreme.


For that matter, the most important, necessary and useful gift for the elderly will be your attention and participation in their lives. Visit them on a grandparents', on a weekend or just in the evening for tea with a cake. Talk to them about everything in the world, help make small-scale work around the house or fix something that has broken down, or just take time together. Ask to share experiences, tell stories from their youth. After all, it is love of loved ones, their support and participation in life that prolongs life, gives confidence in one's own need and helps to survive any difficulties. And their year by year the grandmother and grandfather is, unfortunately, more and more. Therefore, help them every day, not only on a holiday.

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