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Cooking: for fish with mayonnaise and for hot rolls

Mayonnaise is a rather fatty sauce, but from this it does not become less popular. On the contrary, producers try to come up with all the new recipes to please both gourmets and those who want to lose weight. On the basis of mayonnaise, other sauces are made, as well as dough for baking. Claret is also a dough, only for breading products before frying.

Clay with mayonnaise is suitable for roasting fish and meat dishes. You can prepare it by thoroughly mixing the ingredients. Let's analyze several cooking recipes.

Recipe 1

Take two fresh chicken eggs, break into a bowl and beat thoroughly into a homogeneous mass. Then add a little salt and 100 grams of sifted flour. Mix again. Introduce in the resulting mass of 50 grams of mayonnaise and a few drops of lemon juice. Then dilute with water and, constantly stirring, bring to the formation of a liquid substance, reminiscent of the fluidity of the dough for pancakes. We got a fish clay with mayonnaise. In it, you can dip almost any fish with a low bone content and fry in a lot of oil or in a deep fryer.

Recipe 2

A simpler fish clay with mayonnaise can be prepared from three components. Take in equal parts mayonnaise and flour, mix and dilute with milk until semi-liquid. In such batter, you can fry fish and pork in a pan, and also in the oven on a baking sheet.

Recipe 3

It is cooked for fish with mayonnaise. In a homogeneous mass mix an equal number of eggs and flour, add salt to taste. Dilute to a liquid state better with milk or cream. In the resulting batter fried pike perch or trout, previously cut into pieces. Then they are laid out on a dish and smeared with a thin layer of mayonnaise, sprinkled with cheese and served to the table.

Clay fish with mayonnaise - one of the most successful recipes. It turns out very tasty and delicate crust, crispy and fragrant.

Hot Rolls

More and more popular hot rolls. For their preparation you need a special roller for rolls. It is more liquid in consistency, since the frying process should be as fast as possible so that the inner content of the roll does not heat up, but only heats up.

A simple recipe is to mix eggs with flour and water. It should be even slightly less viscous than the pancake dough, so that the crust of the batter is translucent.

But the true starter for rolls is called tempura. For its preparation, selected varieties of flour with a reduced content of gluten are used. This flour is very tender, the dough on its basis turns transparent, crusty crust crust and delicious, while it does not absorb too much oil during the frying process.

The peculiarity of tempura cooking is also the fact that very pure pure water is used for flour production. If it is carbonated, the dough turns out even better. After cooking batter, the dishes with it are placed in a large container, filled with slices of crushed ice, so that it does not heat up and remains quite cold throughout the preparation of the whole dish.

Tempura flour is sold in supermarkets. It can be of several kinds - either pure flour, or with the addition of special confectionery leavening agents

In this batter are prepared not only rolls, but also other seafood - shrimp, for example. In the Russian cuisine it is customary to use deep-fried vegetable oil for deep-frying, but to make hot dishes of Japanese cuisine correctly use sesame oil.

Do not be discouraged if you can not find a special mixture for tempura. Close to her in composition is a mixture of ordinary flour of the highest quality with a baking powder, diluted with cold aerated mineral water. Just before you start frying the foods, the batter should be allowed to stand in the cold for about an hour to break down some of the gluten.

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