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Cake "Gypsy": culinary recipe, cooking features and reviews

Alas, a man is weak, and therefore he can not do without the satisfaction of his whims! Sometimes he is drawn to eat salty, and sometimes - sweet. This is normal. The main thing is to find the strength to stop on reasonable portions, and not to turn every day into a holiday of disobedience.

On a festive day, it is perfectly permissible to pamper yourself. For example, cook a cake "Gypsy". It is so delicious that it can conquer the heart of even those who do not like sweets at all. So dessert will please.

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Already one name of the cake "Gypsy" inspires. Immediately surfacing associations such as beauty, bright colors, a light taste of exoticism and the enchanting atmosphere of the night. Actually, all this embodies this dessert. It has a dark color of cakes and interlayer, it has a soft taste and a rich aroma. Well, you can experiment with the recipe. After all, the fight for a good figure has not been canceled, but I always want to afford a piece of the cake.

Let's go through the list

So, how to cook a cake "Gypsy"? Let's start with the selection of ingredients. For the cake you need about 3 cups of wheat flour, a teaspoon of soda, 2 cups of sugar and low-fat sour cream, 4 eggs, 2 tablespoons of cocoa, and a tablespoon of vinegar.

Sour cream in this recipe can easily be replaced with natural yogurt. The flour should be sifted before cooking. Then the dough will be more lush and airy.

For the cream you will need butter (200 grams), a can of boiled condensed milk, a pinch of cocoa and about 50 grams of milk.

Well, do not forget about the impregnation, otherwise our cake "Gypsy" will be dry. Stock up with a small dose of aromatic strong alcohol and a glass of sweet black tea.

Classic Edition

If you are planning a cake for the dessert "Gypsy", it is better to try the prescription in advance, otherwise you just can not keep up with the time. On average, all the work will take about 70 minutes, but after the cake you need to let it brew, so you have to do it in the morning, to treat yourself and your family for dinner.

So, in a deep container, combine sugar, cocoa, eggs, yogurt or sour cream. Add the flour, mix everything thoroughly until the last lumps disappear. Soda is extinguished with vinegar and stir in the dough, which in the end should turn out to be quite liquid.

By this time, the oven should warm up already. Spread the oil on the mold and fill it with dough. Now send the form to the oven and at a temperature of 180 degrees, bake for about 35 minutes until cooked. After the cakes you need to cool and get out of the mold. While the base of the cake is cooling down, there is time to take care of the cream. Mix the butter with boiled condensed milk, and then add cocoa dissolved in warm milk to the mixture. The cream should be thick.

The final stage

The cream and the base are ready, which means it's time to form the cake itself. With a sharp knife, cut the cake into three "washers". Mix tea with alcohol and with a teaspoon soak the cakes. Most often use cognac or vodka, but the original taste of impregnation is possible when combining vodka with cherry jam or tea with cherry cream.

On the cakes, spread the cream and lay the other cakes on top. Leave some cream for the top. For decor surfaces use grated chocolate and fresh berries.

As an option

And it's even easier and quicker to make a cake "Gypsy" in a multivark. Dessert is gentle, elastic, with a sour layer. In this version, it is possible not to add whole eggs to the basis, but only with proteins. Then the dough will be airy and less caloric. Instead of soda, you can add a baking powder to the base. And replace sugar with fructose or, even better, with honey.

Mix all the ingredients and send them to the multivark form. So you will save 10-15 minutes to quickly cook the cream. Try to make it more exotic and add a little bit of cinnamon, and replace the butter with fruit puree. Stir the cream with a mixer or blender, but at a moderate speed. The cream should achieve a consistency of thick sour cream. For impregnation use cherry or a good cognac with tea. And the main highlight is the addition of cherries in the base. Each cake permeate, cover with cream and decorate with halves of berries.

The main thing here is not to overdo it with juiciness of cherries, because excess juice can negatively affect the shape and taste of dessert. Do not forget to cover the sides with cream and put berries on top. That's ready cake "Gypsy" with cherries. Bon Appetit!

What do people say?

Ready cake is sent to the fridge to give a little "rest". While you have time to brew fragrant tea and cook dinner. With the caloric content of dishes you can not especially worry, because you will have an unusual dessert. What do people say about him?

Girls note unusual viscidity of the cream and juiciness of the cake. Such a cake, according to the majority, does not require any additions. One piece is enough to fill, so that a whole cake is enough for a family of five. It is very tasty to wash down dessert with milk, tea, both black and herbal.

Representatives of the stronger sex positively note the satiety of the dessert, and the women, who always sit on a diet, even invented their own cake "Gypsy". Reviews about it are also very positive among all categories of sweeties and gourmets.

For the test, you need 3 eggs, half a glass of sugar, a glass of flour, 5 tablespoons of milk and 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder. The layer in this version is sour cream cheese. For it you need 400 grams of curds mass, 250 grams of sour cream, half a cup of sugar, 300 grams of prunes and 20 grams of gelatin. All the ingredients must be shaken and sent to the oven for baking. The crusts are thin and delicate. In the meantime, soak gelatin in boiled water, wash the prunes and whip it with sour cream and cottage cheese until smooth. Then, disperse the dissolved gelatin and beat again. Do not forget to add sugar or honey. Now lay the bottom cake in a deep saucepan, but pre-tighten the inside of the wall with a plastic wrap. Lightly sandwich the cottage curd mass, and from above make a curd layer.

Cake is sent to the fridge so that it freezes well. After solidification, remove the dessert from the mold and remove the film. Boka and top decorate with grated chocolate and serve to the table. This is an option for adults and children alike.

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