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Anastasia Kovalchuk: the writer's work

Anastasia Kovalchuk is a contemporary writer from Belarus. Anastasia's books gained fame thanks to an interesting story and funny main characters.

About creativity

Anastasia Kovalchuk has not yet joined the ranks of the most famous writers of our time. However, her books are already familiar to many readers. The average score, which she received for her first works, became motivation for further literary activity.

Anastasia Kovalchuk publishes her books in the well-known online magazine Samizdat. It was there that the literary career of the writer began.

To write her works, Anastasia Kovalchuk chose such a literary trend as fantasy.

To date, there are few books in the writer's archive, but one should expect that much more of her works will soon appear.

Books Anastasia Kovalchuk can not be attributed to serious literature, which is in our time. Her works are able to distract the reader from his problems, to tighten up the development of the plot, but to force to think about the more serious things that every day disturbs each of the people - no.

Reviews about creativity

Reading reviews about the work of the writer, you can find both positive and negative evaluations. Someone thinks that Anastasia Kovalchuk is very talented, and her books are a demonstration of the writer's imagination. Others say that her works are a simple easy reading, which today is met with too much.

However, it is impossible to come to something unambiguous, because each person has his own talents and skills. Probably, in future Anastasia Kovalchuk will develop her interest in literary activity, and this will help the writer to rise and firmly stand on one level with the famous writers of our time.

"Friends involuntarily"

In the center of the story is a girl who has an extraordinary power to attract trouble, a student of the famous Academy of Magic. The girl likes one guy, but for a long time he does not pay any attention to her, because she is younger than him. What remains to be done to a poor first-year girl? Only to cast! But everything is out of control - the main character can not keep her strength and carries the hall of magic, intended for practical classes. But this is not the end of the girl's troubles - she does not receive a "test" for the magic exam, and she is sent to some unknown place to practice her abilities.

Who would have thought that this practical occupation would be a huge adventure for a girl ... What is she going to do? To visit a huge ball, to save the king and his family, to take part in the grand tournament ... And also - to wander into the old magical cemetery, to experience there such horror that the shouting will simply not hold back. And from such sounds even the trolls themselves will get scared ...

"The Lady of Darkness"

The main character is an ordinary girl, who finds herself in an unusual and strange world. Waking up in a huge ancient castle, she can not understand for a long time where she is. Exploring the environment, the girl understands that this castle belongs to the very demon, who is called the Lord of Darkness. What will the heroine do? She is not timid, she will cope with all the difficulties!

The son of the demon takes the training of magic. But only the girl is not at all ready to learn: is it possible, even in such a crazy adventure, that she will again be imprisoned for textbooks? And soon a huge ball is expected in the castle, so teachers of etiquette and dances are invited for the main character.

Well, what happened? The teacher suffered a nervous attack, as a result of which he was taken out of the dance hall in cramps. This is a girl! This is character! And soon it turns out that the Lord decided to use the life of the main heroine for the magical ritual of sacrifice ... But she is not one of those who simply surrender to the hands of a cruel dark magician!

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