Additional headlights of a headlight. Additional headlight: the pros and cons

Automotive optics play a crucial role in terms of the quality of machine control and safety. A traditional set of its components are parking lights, headlights, brake lights and turn signals. And at all it is impossible to tell, that this set is saved and exists in strictly set parametres. In the segment, regular updates occur, the shapes, sizes and even the principles of lamp operation change - it is enough to recall the LEDs and xenon. A slightly different approach to the revision of the organization of light offers an additional headlight, which is increasingly included in the basic configuration of models of large automakers.

Arguments in favor of additional headlights

The very idea of installing additional headlights emerged as a means of helping drivers in difficult weather conditions. Improving the light qualities of modern optics only slightly improves the quality of lighting in conditions of rain, snow and fog. And the means of additional lighting in this respect, of course, give only advantages. As a result, the extra headlight covers a large road area, while not having a negative effect on the driving process itself on other parameters.

Arguments against additional headlights

First of all, the introduction of an additional light source is the financial cost of its acquisition, installation work and further operation. To acquire cheap optics for such purposes is meaningless, since the effect will also be insignificant. And expensive high-power extra lights will affect the power consumption of the battery. Here it is possible to fend off arguments about the importance of safe traffic, but does it often, in principle, there is a need to connect this light source? And in this respect, each car owner must proceed from the conditions of the car's operation within its own region. Also it is necessary to answer and to other question - what type of an additional headlight will be optimum?

Additional headlights of a headlight

This option is oriented to use at night. As studies show, in the dark, even with the connection of a standard set of headlights, the visual acuity of the driver is reduced by 10%. In turn, additional high-beam headlights compensate for this flaw, relieving the load on the eyes. In fact, conditions close to daylight are achieved. Especially this effect is enhanced in the case of xenon headlights. First, this lighting option provides at least twice the increased luminous flux in comparison with halogen lamps. Secondly, xenon spends one-third less energy, which negates the lack of additional lighting in terms of energy consumption.

Also worth noting and a few negative aspects. If we are talking about xenon, which will be the optimal solution, then we should prepare for significant costs, since it is not cheap. In addition, an additional headlamp with far-field lighting may not always be installed due to the limited number of places intended for lamp installation.

Features additional "close" headlights

Another option to strengthen the standard optics, which is used in cases where the existing lamps can not cope with their tasks and without obvious weather interference. But even in the choice of such a decision, everything is not obvious. The standard problem of motorists who decide to integrate additional dipped-beam headlamps is to find the installation site. Without installation manipulations with a slight change in design is indispensable.

But that's not all. The problem of many sources of near auxiliary light is the absence of clear boundaries for the separation of light. As a result, users complain about the blindness of oncoming vehicles. As an alternative, additional dipped-beam headlamps can be replaced with modular optics. In particular, experts recommend the use of B-lenses, characterized by a clear cut-off and light.

Additional "fog lights"

It is the fog lamps that most fully reflect the concept of additional optics. Their function demonstrates a radical difference between the use of one standard light and a combined version - of course, we are talking about operating the car in inclement weather. But to achieve the optimal effect, you should correctly approach the choice of the device. First of all, you can safely avoid buying headlights worth less than 3 thousand rubles. Nothing but attractive design, and at best, they will not provide. Really useful additional fog lights are characterized by a wide-angle light distribution of the beam. And this is the basic rule of choice. Next, you should give preference to models with well-defined upper edges. It is very important that the design ensures the delivery of the light stream downward with a large inclined angle. Such a device will minimize the risk of lighting oncoming vehicles.

Installing additional headlights

The high beam is mounted in the front part, as already mentioned, if there is a structural feature. In this case, they should not obscure the light of the parking lights. From the point of view of control, it is important to ensure the condition that these headlights will work simultaneously with the base high beam and turn off when passing to the near-beam optics. As for the "fog lights", these additional lights are mounted in the front part symmetrically to the longitudinal axis of the machine. Also it is necessary to observe the standard distances - in height the gap will be 25 cm from the road, but not more than 80 cm. In the case of off-road vehicles, such devices should not exceed the level of the passing beam. In terms of controlling the fog-lighted additional optics, it should be noted that it must maintain performance regardless of the work of the main passing and driving lights.


It is advisable to think about the possibility of providing the car with additional optics in the process of purchasing a car. Large manufacturers provide new models with this light, initially optimizing the design of the installation sockets for them. This solution is offered both as a basic option and as an element of extended packages. Also an additional headlight can be installed on some models that are not focused on similar improvements. But in this case it is recommended to think over except for the technical part and the possibility of on-board electrical wiring. Especially if the lighting equipment is controlled by third-party systems like alarms with access control. With regard to the justification of this choice, then, with a competent installation, the new headlights are unlikely to lower the safety of driving, and the positive effect will certainly be provided to some extent.

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