What is Bura fluid?

How much pharmaceutical products are produced in our time can only be imagined. But among a huge number of medicines you can sometimes get lost, choosing a truly worthwhile drug at an optimal price and therapeutic effect. Probably, not everyone knows that there are time-tested inexpensive drugs of a wide range of action, for example such as Bura fluid or aluminum acetate solution. This drug was first proposed as an antiseptic medicine by Professor Burov in the 19th century.

Medical studies have shown that aluminum salts show bactericidal effects and have the ability to retain hydrochloric acid. Burov liquid consists of an aqueous 8% solution of aluminum acetate. Produced in vials of 30, 50 and 100 ml. In appearance it is a transparent solution with a sweet-astringent taste and a faint aroma of acetic acid. It is realized in pharmacy chains without a medical prescription. During storage (for five years), a small deposit and clouding of the solution are allowed.

pharmachologic effect

Practitioners recommend taking Burov's liquid as an antiseptic . The instruction informs that the preparation has astringent, enveloping, adsorbing, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and bacteriostatic (suppresses harmful microorganisms and prevents their reproduction) properties. A similar therapeutic effect has the majority of antibacterial medicines (streptomycins, tetracyclines, erythromycins).

Indications and methods of application

Burov liquid is well proven in the treatment of inflammatory pathologies of the mucous membranes and skin. It is prescribed for eczema of different etiologies, purulent wounds and ulcers, as well as dermatitis, bruises and sprains. It can be used even for women suffering from uterine bleeding and inflammatory processes of the genital organs.

Before external application (rinsing, compresses, dressings, rinsings) the solution should be diluted with water - one large spoon for 250 ml of purified liquid. It is also used for douching and in the form of tampons. Burov liquid has practically no contraindications, except for hypersensitivity. The drug is well tolerated and does not have a negative effect. But, like any medication, it should be used only after consulting a therapist. Self-treatment will lead to nothing good.


The following drugs have a similar effect: Kerasal, Wokadine, Anti-angin.

Most patients in a positive way speak about Burov's fluid. The price and quality are on the same level. The cost of the medication is about 80 rubles. People who have tried the medicine on themselves say that it really helps to cope with skin dermatitis and damage. More information on the drug, as well as the correct dosage and duration of therapy can be reported by the doctor. Remember: that one is good, another can cause irreparable damage.

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