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What do real taste connoisseurs drink from martini?

This refined drink mentioned in his records is still Hippocrates, paying attention to its medicinal properties, so that it has more than two thousand years of history. However, our contemporaries are closer to another characteristic of martini - as an alcoholic symbol of sweet life. We have to admit that Russians are familiar with it relatively recently and are not always aware of the peculiarities of using this delicious remedy for stress (quite according to Hippocrates!) That they drink from martini and what can be eaten.

What is this beast?

Martini is an exquisite sort of white wine, or vermouth, based on herbs. Today, there are about 35 names of herbs that are used in the production of the drink, but in the first place invariably remains wormwood. Actually, the German word Vermut and translated - "wormwood". In addition, in Martini you can feel the notes of chamomile, St. John's wort, yarrow, mint and other familiar and unfamiliar plants.

Thanks to the presence of herbs, martini perfectly refreshes and at the same time relaxes, significantly improves digestion and increases appetite. That is why the drink is recommended as an aperitif or a pleasant addition to dessert. To wash down their food and even less to seize it with classic snacks is unacceptable - it's more fun than drinking alcohol. What is drunk with a martini is also a topic for a separate conversation.

Martini as the basis of cocktails

Not everyone loves martini in its pure form. Most often, all kinds of additives are suggested. First, in choosing a drink, everyone has their preferences - dry, pink or white sweet - Bianko, which, by the way, is very popular among our compatriots. On its basis an unthinkable amount of alcoholic cocktails is prepared, both weak and strong. One can only guess how James Bond's favorite drink was mixed: perhaps it was a martini mix with Russian vodka. By the way, in this case there is a classical ratio - 1: 5. However, everyone chooses a recipe according to their taste. The fact that men drink from martini - this is often a mixture of a drink with vodka, whiskey, gin and necessarily with ice - in a warm form, martini is devoid of any charm.

And I will give my passions. They know how to properly drink martini "Bianco", so that the pleasure to stretch, and not get drunk. Typically female combinations are martini with ice and lemon (lime, orange, pineapple), and there should be enough ice to dilute vermouth. Many prefer to dilute the drink with fruit juices - most often it is grapefruit (its bitterness perfectly harmonizes with the taste of wormwood), cherry, pineapple.

Not the last place - the aesthetics of martini. Famous tapered cones on a high leg are, of course, sacred. But if they are not, low wine glasses or glasses for whiskey will be useful. The drink is added - not only for beauty, but also for taste - olives, grapes, a slice of lemon or lime, a sprig of mint or lemon balm. This is about what is being drunk from a martini.

And than to have a snack?

Perfectly harmonize with the drink salted nuts, dry crackers, fruits. Depending on the type of martini varies and types of snacks, but the rule is one: not salted cucumber or jelly (joke). It must be remembered that this is an aperitif or a dessert drink. If in this quality more champagne is more like it will be "Martini Asti". With what to drink sparkling white wine? In this case, there is no question of cocktails, it is an independent chilled drink. Drink it, like any martini, you need small sips, savoring and inhaling a spicy aroma. It is usually served with fruit, ice cream, dried fruits, small canapes with cheese and green olives.

And the most important rule is moderation. The lightest wine is capable of intoxicating and harming health, if you allow yourself extra. From martini you need to have fun, not get drunk.

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