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Wellness yoga for the spine

The spine is responsible for the health of our body. It is because of such diseases as scoliosis, herniated discs and osteochondrosis that various problems arise with internal organs. Therefore, it is worthwhile to closely monitor the condition of the spine.

Basically, such diseases appear due to strong physical exertion or vice versa, and the need to stay in the same position for a long time and so on. Prevention of such problems begin with childhood, but if already in adulthood you have back pain, then they can be solved with the help of ordinary sports. Yoga for the spine is best.

If you want to have a beautiful posture, strong muscles of the chest, neck, back and limbs, then this is the kind of yoga for the spine that contains exercises that allow you to achieve the desired result. In this method, there are special sets of exercises that make it possible to remove excessive load from the spine and evenly distribute it throughout the body. Yoga for the spine is ideal for permanent lessons, as you can not only strengthen the muscles of your back, but also achieve, stretching, stretching its discs, and also relax your nervous system.

But do not forget that yoga is not medicine or surgical intervention, so you do not expect instant results. Only with constant training such exercises in the presence of an experienced coach they will bring you relief and remove all painful sensations in the back. Such yoga therapy does not affect the disease itself, but its cause. Such exercises are a supplement to the main drug treatment, which will allow faster recovery.

It will be much more effective if yoga for the spine goes into your life much earlier than any health problems. It will not only be a means to fight diseases, but also a simple preventive measure. Remember that such therapy will not do you any harm and people of different ages and with different physical training can do it.

In yogoterapii distinguish a huge number of sets of exercises. A few of them will be given below.

1. A greeting to the sun is yoga, which includes 12 different exercises. This includes forward and backward inclinations, flexion and extension of the spine and other body parts to the maximum allowable limits. Regular exercise with these exercises will help you achieve stretching the entire body.

2. Yoga " dog posture " includes exercises designed for three categories of people. They are beginners, intermediate and advanced. The most detailed set of exercises for each of the categories presented here, you can read below.

A) For beginners. You should stand on your hands and on your feet, brushes under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Further on the hands go a little forward and at the same time place your fingers fairly wide, the palms should rest against the mat. Now bend your feet and slowly raise your hips upward, this is necessary to form an inverted letter V. At the same time, remove the shoulders from the ears, the legs are slightly apart, and the knees are bent. In this position, you need to be as long as you have 3 full breaths.

B) For the average level. You should start from the position of a beginner. Then straighten your legs and press your heels to the floor, at the same time lift up the buttocks. It is necessary to be in such a position for as long as 10 breaths last, after lifting one leg up and holding it for 3 breaths. It must be kept in line with the spine. Now you can omit it and repeat similar exercises with the other leg.

C) For the advanced. Start from the position of a beginner. Straighten your legs, press your feet to the floor, and pull your hips up. Next, slide your legs and lift one of them up. Palms should rest on the floor, while looking for balance. After you find it, slowly raise the opposite hand and guide it along the line of your body. Duration - 3 breaths. Then it's very slow to return to the starting position and change sides.

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