Walls in the apartment than to finish, except for wallpaper?

The greatest number of problems during repairs to the owners, as a rule, create walls in the apartment. Than trim them so that the shortcomings hide, and the interior turned out to be unusual, unlike that of neighbors. In addition, I want it to be practical, and not too expensive. Usually the first thing on the mind come wallpaper. We will not argue. With the current variety of their species, it is possible to choose the right option for any room. Well, what about the creativity and uniqueness of the interior? Yes, and functionality is also not worth losing sight of. After all, let's say, staying in search of the answer to the question: "Than to finish the walls of the kitchen in the apartment?", You begin to understand that the wallpaper is far from the best option for this room. You need something different, more practical and durable. However, fortunately, the current owners of apartments and houses for a long time to puzzle over the problem will not have to. The market for building materials is so diverse that it will not be possible to find a suitable solution for labor. We, in turn, will try to help with valuable advice.

So, what do walls in an apartment, except wallpaper, do?

General principles

Choosing the right material for the walls, first of all, you need to consider the room in which the finishing will take place. From this and need to build on. If it is, say, a bedroom or a nursery, then you need to stop your choice on environmentally friendly materials, the manufacture of which used the minimum number of chemical components. If we are talking about the hallway, we need to understand that it is best for it to have a more durable material, because this is the room where the walls most often touch the walls with hands, so that the ability to quickly clean without any consequences for finishing traces of the same hands from the walls is of great importance . As for, say, the kitchen, here you need materials that are able to withstand temperature changes, the presence of high humidity. Talking about how you can decorate the walls in an apartment, we will, in the first place, touch precisely the issues of practicality and functionality. As for the interior design, this is not the topic of our review, however, based on our advice, you, because of the abundance of all kinds of colors and textures of the materials described by us, you will be able to choose the right variant for yourself.

We decorate with plaster

Do you, to put it mildly, far from the ideal wall in the apartment? Than to finish them quickly, qualitatively and inexpensively? Consider the option with decorative plaster. In the event of its adoption, you will deal with two hares at one stroke - and hide the defects, and decorate the interior. And with the design problems will not be, as decorative plaster after applying to the surface is covered with paint. So the right color will not be difficult to find. And, in addition, with the word "plaster" does not need to imagine a gray, all in specks of sand surface. Not at all. Today decorative plaster is so diverse that it is possible to make with its help and textured surface, both antique and marble. The only drawback of this type of finish, perhaps, is that, without good skills, it is unlikely to make high-quality finishing independently. However, if not particularly tricky, and buy a solution of the "bark beetle" type, then you can do without your own efforts. Well, if you want the walls to be trimmed with Venetian plaster, or their surface mimics the stone covering, then, of course, it is desirable to contact the specialists here.


This material is quite well known and, it seems, can not surprise at all. However, everything is not so simple. Today ceramic tiles are so diverse that they are used not only in bathrooms and toilets, but sometimes they decorate the walls of living rooms and hallways. Well, for the kitchen, this is probably the most suitable option. Mirror varieties of it and at all serve as an excellent finishing material for the walls of the bedroom.

PVC panels

Quite often such coverage occurs in offices. However, who said that they can not decorate the walls in the apartment. Than to finish a surface if it would be desirable, that works have passed quickly and painlessly, and the cover turned out durable, beautiful and easily amenable to cleaning? Of course, it is worth paying attention to PVC panels. They are just perfect for the kitchen, perfect for decorating the walls of bathrooms and hallways. For budget repairs - an excellent option. Especially considering that all the work can be done independently, it is enough to be able to hold a drill and a screwdriver in your hands. In addition, today plastic panels are produced not only monochrome, but also with a pattern that is sometimes so beautiful that you can easily create an amazing interior. Cheap, practical and original.

MDF Panels

In appearance, they are similar to plastic, but not as moisture-resistant as the latter. In addition, they are produced, as a rule, only in monophonic form and most often imitate a wooden covering. Nevertheless, if you are looking for, than to finish the walls in the corridor in the apartment, moreover, and that the material was not particularly expensive, then this option will do the best. These panels are quite resistant to loads, they are cleaned well, in addition, you can not only install them yourself, but also hide under them all communications and surface irregularities.


Considering the relatively budgetary options for finishing the walls, you can not ignore the painting. At one time it was extremely fashionable and was considered a very refined version of the finish. Today, the painting is not so popular, even though many modern materials have appeared. After all, at the very beginning, when such options for finishing were just beginning to appear (we certainly do not mean the panels in old Soviet apartments covered with a nasty green color), we took a conventional water-based emulsion and added a dye to it to get the desired shade. Not always it was possible to achieve the desired result, and cleaning such a cover was difficult. No, now the market has enough ready-made paints, some of which contain lacquer in their composition, so that dirt from them is washed off elementary. Rapidly loses this method of finishing the popularity for a different reason.

The point is that in order to obtain a qualitative result, the required surface must be carefully leveled and made perfectly smooth. That will require large material costs and attracting specialists. In addition, this method is considered one of the dirtiest. Tip: to reduce costs and speed up the process, you can first pasted the walls with a special wallpaper, and then paint on them.

All of the above options are the most common and, by and large, public. And the better to finish the walls in the apartment, if the owners are not constrained in the means and can afford to shell out for expensive materials. Let us next consider the most promising options in this regard.


An excellent option. Natural cork will create an atmosphere of coziness in the room and will create any desired interior design, because at the moment it is produced in different colors, and the inherent texture of the tree is preserved. In addition, the cork will insulate the walls and will contribute to their sound insulation.

Decorative rock

Another expensive option of finishing. But also durable, in addition, incredibly refined and emphasizing the status of the owners. And if you do not know how to trim the walls in the hallway in the apartment, consider it. Thus, you will make the interior of this room not only original, but also functional, because such a coating is not afraid of any "injury" and dirt. Council: I must say that today in the construction markets, you can easily get a great fake - not a natural, but an artificial decorative stone. And, we dare to note, it is made so qualitatively that even every specialist can not determine its unnatural origin. Such material will cost you an order of magnitude cheaper, which, by the way, will not affect its quality characteristics.

3D panels

An excellent option for those who do not know how to trim the walls in the apartment, except for wallpaper. After all, this is a supernova in the modern market, so it is ideal for those who want to create a creative, "not like everyone else's" interior. As for the cover itself, it is, of course, expensive, but all expenses will cover its amazing appearance and stunning visual effect that such panels create. In addition, a huge plus is that the installation of such panels can be done by hand. And the surface does not require special preliminary preparation. So, do not lose sight of it, choosing the right decor for the walls.


We told how to decorate the walls in the apartment. Than to finish them - to choose, of course, to you. But in conclusion of the article we want to give one more advice. Do not discount the wallpaper. Do not want to trim the walls - do not need. The choice of materials, as you can see, is more than great. But remember: sometimes a combination of wallpaper and, say, the same decorative stone looks much more interesting than just covered only by the last walls. In general, fantasize. And you will certainly succeed.

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