What fashion shoes are worth buying this year?

When trying on another pair of charming shoes you need to be guided not only by your own tastes and sensations, but also by fashionable world trends. Only in this case, the purchase will be in joy, and the surrounding ladies will enviously look at the owner of the trendy details of the wardrobe. Fashion shoes today can look very diverse and even contradictory to each other. On the catwalks rise models, shod not only in elegant and refined shoes. Sometimes the initiative is easily intercepted extravagant and screaming shoes, which can quite claim the title of the most incredible model of the season.

To begin with, the most fashionable shoes are simply required to have a stunning (we hope that only in the figurative sense of the word) platform. It can be hidden or deliberately explicit. Any of these options will attract the attention of others and state the impeccable taste of the mistress. Massiveness perfectly smooth a thin and high stud. By the way, it almost never goes out of fashion. This detail always excites the imagination of men and devastates women's wallets. It's almost impossible to refuse to buy shoes on a hairpin.

What distinguishes today's fashion shoes from outdated models? Of course, the shape of the nose. Alas, such comfortable round models lose their former relevance. The initiative is intercepted by sharp-nosed competitors. These shoes will look great on a neat little leg of a small size. But the owner of a solid foot will have to sigh disappointed and choose something more democratic. Otherwise, your legs just look too massive.

What about the color palette? There are no restrictions. You can quite pamper yourself not only with black universal boats, but also with a catchy combination of juicy conflicting shades with each other. Fashionable shoes are bright colors without borders. For example, a combination of green with red or pink with blue. Do not be afraid to experiment with your own image. Today fashion meets you halfway. The individuality comes first, and not strict rules on the combination of colors.

The style of shoes penetrates such original decorative details as thorns. Now, without them, almost no fashionable designer show. Sharp steel impregnations are placed on heels, noses or on all shoes. At the same time, such models do not at all look like overloaded parts. Fashionable shoes for women now successfully combine elegance, sensuality and pressure. It's time for self-confident people.

Let's talk a bit about shoes for men. After all, they too are very sensitive to their image. Guys also need fashion shoes. Male models have not undergone drastic changes. If you train classic lacquer shoes on a small steel heel, then you will necessarily find yourself in a trend. It will be appropriate to look short lacing, original buckles or chains, threaded through the heel. Try to avoid sporting motives in everyday and business life.

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