Overview of Toyota AE86

Japan is famous for its drift wheelbarrows. One such is the Toyota AE86, also referred to as "khachiroku". Strictly speaking, "khachiroku" in translation from Japanese means "eight" and "six". For the first time, the Toyota Trueno AE86 appeared in 82 and became a true legend of the 80's. It was this car that was popular among ring and rally riders. The secret of the success of the machine was a light weight and excellent balance, due to which it perfectly entered the controlled drift. What is hachiroku? Let's consider.


The car was produced in different bodies (including a three-door hatchback), but the coupe was the most popular. The car has a harmonious look. Design is typical for the 80's - chopped shapes, square lights and a minimum of exotics. This is the most simple and affordable car. By the way, some versions had "blind" optics. Bumpers were not painted from the factory, but often on the "Toyota AE86" set the fashionable body kit and "lip", making it even more aerodynamic. Wheel arches allow you to fit any wheels. And playing with the collapse, you can join the ranks of "stenovyh" cars. This car looks on classical disks very effectively.

Dimensions, clearance

The machine has a fairly compact size. The length of the body is 4.28 meters, width - 1.62 meters, height - 1.33 meters. Small here and ground clearance - only 14 centimeters. The machine very hard swallows irregularities. Plus, there is a risk of catching their bottoms. Therefore, it is recommended to use auto on predominantly flat asphalt.


Salon «Toyota AE86» - the classic 80's. The Japanese like to use velor. He is here everywhere - starting with the rugs, finishing with the decoration of the door cards and the back shelf. Nevertheless, this material is very durable. The steering wheel is on the right. The instrument panel has two main scales - a speedometer and a tachometer. On the versions with automatic transmission also duplicated mode (drive, parking, etc.). The car is devoid of any comfort - it's purely a ring car. There are no climate controls, electric windows and other "bells and whistles." For this, and like drifters "Toyota AE86". After all, with minimal modifications, you can turn it into a real "crap".


Under the hood of the car was the "first racing" motor 4A-GE. This is the simplest engine with one camshaft and carburettor power system. The working volume of the combustion chamber is 1590 cubic centimeters. The maximum power that this engine produced was 103 horsepower. The peak torque is 147 Nm. And it is available from the "top", namely from six thousand revolutions. Peak power is achieved at seven thousand. It is worth noting that the "first racing" easily turns to a red scale.


It would seem, what kind of drift can there be on 103 horses? But it's very easy to get into the turns side by side. And all thanks to the small curb weight. Weight of the car "Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno" is 850 kilograms. Therefore, the acceleration to a hundred took only 8 and a half seconds. And this is in the year 82! The maximum speed was 193 kilometers per hour. The Japanese managed to achieve simply unrealistic dynamics. It was the fastest "Toyota" among all that is in the model range. The car created a high competition and a German car.


Two types of transmissions were installed on the "khachiroku". It was a five-speed mechanic or a quad-band automatic. The latter, by the way, was not very fond of drifters. After all, this machine had low efficiency and late responded to the gas pedal. Some make a "swap" for a mechanic and drive without problems. Although both boxes are reliable enough and do not cause problems to the car owner.


At the front, the car was manned by McPherson struts. At the rear was a four-link independent suspension. In front of the "khachiroku" disc ventilated brakes. Behind are the classic "drums". Although the riders immediately finalize the brake system and install instead of "drums" disks. In addition, the machine is equipped with two stabilizers of lateral stability. Optionally, the Toyota Corolla AE86 was equipped with a self-locking differential. The drive was carried out only on the rear axle. For a better grip here set a wide rubber on a low profile. Due to its light weight and proper weighting, this car confidently enters the turns. Even on standard rubber it can not be called a roll. The car is simply designed for ring races. Managed "Toyota" is very easy (despite the lack of hydraulic booster) and is very predictable.


So, we found out what the Toyota Corolla AE86 has technical characteristics and design. Despite its age, this car is still used by novice racers. In fact, this is the most affordable "Japanese" on the rear drive, in which have not yet managed to realize all the charms of the technological process - the system of phases of gas distribution, the variable geometry of injection and so on.

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