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Isaac Azimov: Three Laws of Robotics

People of all generations are invariably concerned with the question: "What future awaits us?" Most often, it is considered in the context of the fate of a particular person and his children. But there is a separate category of citizens who are worried about the fate of civilization and the prospects for its further development.

A lot of minds are looking for the answer to this burning question! Scientists, historians, philosophers, writers, religious figures and even fans of quantum mechanics are building their forecasts and guesses. A rather curious point of view was laid down in his works by Isaac Asimov - a great science fiction and popularizer.

Isaac Asimov - the most versatile science fiction writer of the 20th century

In one Smolensk village on the outskirts of the RSFSR was born a boy Isaac (real name of the writer). Three years later, the Jewish family of Isaac emigrated to America. The Asimovs settled in one of the districts of New York, in Brighton Beach. Another name is "Little Odessa", this area was traditionally settled by emigrants from Russia.

Since childhood, the boy has been speaking English and Yiddish. His worldview formed books, especially the works of Sholem Aleichem. The boy grew obviously capable and inquisitive. Therefore, he easily graduated from Columbia University of New York with a degree in chemistry. In 1942, Isaac moved to Philadelphia, where his fateful meeting with Robert Heinlein took place. Just after it, three laws of robotics were invented by the writer.

Creative way

The writer who invented the three laws of robotics is undeniably a unique person. Azimov is the author of more than five hundred books, and he wrote not only science fiction. In his arsenal of humorous, detective and even works in the genre of fantasy.

In addition to his brilliant writing talent, Azimov was a fully developed person, not subject to religion. He knew the history, psychology, chemistry and astronomy perfectly. Cognition in various fields of science, coupled with a good fantasy, generated many interesting ideas. One of them is a psychohistory, a science that still gives a wide scope for reflection. Azimov also popularized science among ordinary people: he explained complex things with simple language.

We travel according to the Bible with Asimov

In addition to the famous books on science fiction, we recommend reading the "Bible Guide". The book is written captivatingly, informative and interesting. After reading it in my head, information is systemized in abundance in the most widely read book of all time. Further, read about the three laws of robotics, invented by the legendary American science fiction writer.

Prerequisites for the appearance of legendary laws

It can not be said that Azimov for no reason took and invented three laws of robotics. The person most affected by the era in which he lives; The values are formed by the family and society (the latter plays a decisive role).

Azimov's youth passed during the rapid development of science and technology, among people educated and possessing innovative thinking. These two factors have laid down a certain worldview of the writer. It was he who contributed to his reflections on our civilization, on the possibility of the existence of other forms of life in the universe and about robots that can become good helpers to people.

Three laws of robotics could be invented only by a man of the industrial age. And this, of course, is understandable. And it became Isaac Asimov (three laws of robotics are presented in the next chapter). How they sound and what is their essence, - about this further.

Three laws of robotics: what's the point?

For the first time the legendary laws appear in the cycle of Asimov "On robots". Most interestingly, they are filed in a fantastic story "Horovod."

Having created complex robotic assistants, a person imperceptibly gives them a part of his intellect. Quite likely the situation (repeatedly described in books and films), when thinking machines gain power over their creators. That's why laws restricting robots are needed.

How strict are the laws of robotics?

During his creative career, Azimov differently treated the invented laws. In the first stories of the cycle "About robots" Laws are more like safety rules or are the answer to a funny question: "How to behave properly with a robot?"

In later stories, Azimov believes that the Laws are part of the mathematical arrangement of the robot's positron brain. A parallel with the instincts of man. It is by the call of its artificial nature that the robot acts for the benefit of the person - it helps him with complex tasks and listens to his instructions.

Universal interpretation

Azimov is primarily a science fiction writer. Three laws of robotics, oddly enough, fit the principles of many ethical systems of the Earth. If you think about these three sentences, the correct universal values are laid .

The writer himself in the story "Ulica", published in 1946, gives their justification. Susan, the main character of the story, comes to three basic conclusions:

  • It is normal for a normal person not to harm other people. Except where otherwise. For example, during a war a person has to protect his life, and sometimes to save other people.
  • Feeling responsible to the society, a conscious person fulfills the recommendations of authoritative people - doctors, teachers, leaders.
  • Everyone cares about the safety of their physical and mental health, which is also very important.

It is difficult to argue with the universal interpretation of Azimov's laws. It is obvious that the one who follows these simple rules in life is a good person.

Predictions of Isaac Asimov

Long and fascinating discussions can be made about three laws of robotics. We are now talking about the predictions of Azimov. Yes, this unique person was engaged in futurology and quite successfully, as today shows. In 1964, in New York, the science fiction writer shared his vision of the world with the public in 50 years. So, the main predictions of Azimov:

  • Electronic devices will save people from routine tasks. There will be gadgets that make coffee on their own and turn raw bread into toast. It happened.
  • Technology will step forward. There will be an opportunity to see your interlocutor during a telephone conversation; It will also be possible to study serious documents directly on the screen of your gadget. It happened (technology "Skype" and video calls in smartphones).
  • Robots will enter the life of an ordinary person, and many electronic devices will work without wires, due to powerful batteries. It has come true (more and more people use robotic vacuum cleaners, smartphones and tablets can work autonomously for a long time).
  • The population of the Earth will be 6.5 billion inhabitants, the United States - 350 thousand. The powerful of this world will have to think about the humane methods of birth control, otherwise the Earth will turn into a continuous Manhattan. 2014 will be a turning point for human civilization. Partly realized (the world population in 2014 - 7.046 billion, and the US - 314 billion, 2014 was very interesting, it is difficult to judge the fracture, it will show the time).
  • Boring becomes a serious problem for mankind. More and more people will begin to experience this spiritual affliction. Therefore, in 2014, psychiatry will become one of the most important medical directions. It has come true ... Mood swings (cyclotomy in a scientific way) for many people have long ago become the norm. However, many have learned to deal with this effectively.

Isaac Asimov, three laws of robotics and science fiction are a triad giving an interesting look at the world of the future.

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