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The main pests of strawberries and the means of combating them

Each grower knows how difficult it is to grow a good strawberry, and how hard it is when the plant starts to hurt or is exposed to various pests. By ignorance, you can not immediately determine that the plant is hurt, what exactly it is sick, and, as a consequence, lose such a precious crop. Let's consider what are the main pests of strawberries and how to fight them.

One of the most dangerous fungal diseases is gray rot. It appears on the fruits of strawberries in the form of brown soft spots. The spots begin to gradually rot, eventually the berry rotates completely. To avoid infection of healthy berries, the damaged fruits must be immediately removed from the site, since the wind can spread spores around the site. To prevent the disease, strawberries must be treated with copper chloride 2 times: before flowering and after harvesting the last crop from the bed. Dosage - about 1 tablespoon per ten-liter bucket of water.

Another disease is the spotting of the strawberry. The spots are white, brown and brown. Appear in the summer or autumn. The disease affects the leaves of the strawberry. They begin to burn and fall off. Means of fighting this disease are the same as with gray rot.

With the disease of powdery mildew, the leaves and fruits of the strawberry are covered with plaque and rot. To combat the disease, the leaves can be treated with potassium permanganate or sulfuride (spraying is carried out in spring and autumn from the consumption of 2 tablespoons per bucket of water).

Such pests of strawberries, like millipedes, slugs and snails appear on moist sites with humus soils. They damage directly the fruits of the plant. To combat them, use metaldehyde in granules. Processing is performed after harvesting berries in places of special accumulation of parasites (5 grams per square meter).

Strawberry transparent mites are very dangerous pests of strawberry. The photo below shows the appearance of this parasite. Places of accumulation of ticks are the tendrils of young leaves of strawberries. The mites suck the juice from the young leaves, so that the bushes become stunted, and the berries are very small.

A similar effect on strawberries and has a spider mite, but the leaves are covered with a characteristic cobweb, turn yellow and wither. To ruin your harvest can also weevils, strawberry beetles, whiteflies and other strawberry pests. To protect against parasites, the leaves must be treated with carbofos from the calculation of 3 tablespoons per ten-liter bucket of warm water. Sprinkle after the last harvest of berries. The sprayed area is covered with a film for 3 hours.

The fight against strawberry pests is one of the most important components for collecting a good harvest. Therefore, do not forget about the general treatment of strawberries from pests. It is carried out towards the end of September for the prevention of diseases next year. Carried out in this way: a bucket of warm water is bred for 2 tablespoons of wood ash, liquid soap and vinegar, and add 3 tablespoons of scorched vegetable oil. The resulting solution is thoroughly stirred, filtered and sprayed with soil, as well as strawberry bushes. Remember, if you follow all the above measures for care and cultivation, then no pests of strawberries will be terrible for you.

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