8 secrets of women who always look good

You probably met women who look great in any conditions - at work, on a walk, at a training session or at a meeting of a book club. It seems they do not even make much effort to do this. Their clothes are perfect, but why? Here are some secrets.

Attention to detail

Gently tuck the shirt halfway, lightly roll up the sleeves - small parts can transform even the most casual clothes. For many other things this works too.

Good sitting things

There are only two rules for a beautiful landing. First, you need to know what suits your type of figure, and secondly, it's worth finding a good tailor. Sometimes only one centimeter of the sewn fabric changes the whole appearance of the product.

Selection of similar invoices

Choose fabrics with the same texture. For example, wool and velvet, not silk or satin, are suitable for a denim skirt.

Excellent manicure

Do you think no one will notice that your manicure is two weeks old? Nevertheless, it can be seen. Accurate nails make the whole image more refined and expensive to look at.

Accurate things

Stripped thread immediately striking. Watch your clothes, smooth out the rumpled things, clean the shoes and cut the threads at the seams. This seems obvious, but many people forget to do it.

New trends - moderately

An elegant girl knows about modern trends, but knows how to combine them with classic and neutral things to create a stylish image.

Comfort and elegance

It is important to create comfortable images consisting of things in which you feel comfortable, but not too careless and disorderly - such clothes no longer look elegant.


Whatever you wear, the posture says a lot about you. Be sure of yourself and hold your chin high, straighten your shoulders and draw in your belly. And then any clothes will look better on you, any image will become elegant.

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