"Akrihin": instructions for use, description of the preparation, composition and reviews

What is the Akrikhin medicine? Instructions for the use of the preparation, as well as its composition and the form to be produced, will be considered below. Also we will tell you about how much this medication costs, how it manifests its therapeutic effectiveness.

Form of medicine, its description, composition

"Akrihin" - tablets (instructions for use are listed below) are yellow, coated. Their active component is acrichine, and also other auxiliary substances are present in the composition.

Basic information about the medicinal product

How does Akrikhin work? Instructions for use (the price of the tablets is listed below) states that it is a medicament of synthetic origin, which shows pronounced antiparasitic, antimalarial and schizontropic properties.

One can not help saying that the main component of this remedy is often included in other medicines. For example, very often in pharmacies you can find the drug "Ibuprofen-Akrihin." Instruction for use states that such a drug exhibits pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, with skin diseases, it can be prescribed as a hyposensitizing agent.

Features of the drug

What is remarkable about the medicine Akrihin? Instructions for use indicate that this tool is almost instantly absorbed from the digestive tract. After taking the tablets at the dosage prescribed by the doctor, the maximum concentration in the plasma is observed after three hours. In this case, its high level in the blood stream is held for several hours.

Arachin is excreted through the kidneys. Partially it is excreted together with bile. In this case, in 12 duodenal gut this substance can be absorbed again. Also it should be said that some part of the product under consideration is destroyed directly in the body.

According to the principle of antimalarial action, this drug is close to "Khingamin". However, "Akrihin" is less active and causes some staining of mucous and skin in yellow. At the same time, it should be noted that today this remedy is practically not used as an antimalarial agent. Most often it is prescribed as an antihelminthic drug.

In the case of diarrhea, the patient may be prescribed the drug Loperamide-Akrihin. Instruction for use informs that this medicine copes quite quickly with its task. In addition, it almost never provokes the development of adverse reactions.

Also in pharmacies you can find a medicine "Acyclovir-Akrihin" (pills). Instructions for use say that such a medicine fights well with the herpes virus.

Among other things, drugs based on acrichine can be used to treat cutaneous leishmaniasis and lupus erythematosus.

Indications for use

Why is the Akrikhin medicine needed? Instruction for use asserts that this agent is ideal for the treatment and prevention of malaria (the drug destroys the asexual form of the malarial plasmodium).

In addition, the drug is often used as an active photosensitizer (that is, to reduce the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet radiation) in the treatment of erythematous diseases (eg, in lupus erythematosus, erythematous lupus erythematosus), as well as various photodermatoses.

What else is prescribed drug "Akrihin"? Instruction for use asserts that this remedy is good for treating redheads.

In psoriasis, this drug is effective only if the disease is in a stationary or progressive stage.

The course of treatment with the medicine in question lasts about 10 days. It is repeated 4-6 times with five-day breaks.

Prohibitions for appointment

In what cases can not use "Akrihin", "Ibuprofen-Akrihin", "Acyclovir-Akrihin" (tablets)? Instruction for use says that contraindications to the prescription of these drugs are such states as nervous and mental diseases, acute liver failure, unstable psyche, acute renal failure. So you have to be careful.

"Akrihin" preparation: instructions for use

The price of this medicine is about 120 rubles for 30 tablets.

How should the tool be used? How antimalarial drug "Akrihin" is taken inside after a meal, washed down with plain water. On the first day of treatment, this drug is prescribed at 0.3 g twice a day at intervals of 6 hours. On the second, third and fourth day, tablets are prescribed 0.3 g in one session.

In severe disease, therapy with Acrychin can last about 7 days.

How should I use Loperamide-Akrihin? Instructions for use asserts that as a protivoglistnogo means, as well as with diarrhea, cestodiasis, dwarf chain and so on, this drug is prescribed in dosages that depend on the patient's age:

  • Adults - for 0.8 g;
  • To kids 3-4 years - on 0,15-0,2 g;
  • Children 5-6 years - 0.25-0.3 g;
  • Children 7-9 years old - 0.35-0.4 g;
  • For a child of 10-12 years - 0.45-0.5 g;
  • Adolescents 13-14 years old - 0.6 g each;
  • Adolescents 15-16 years old - 0.7 grams each.

Before taking this medication, on the eve and on each day of therapy the patient should eat the rubbed meal with restriction of fat, salty and sharp products. Also for the night the patient is prescribed a salt laxative, and in the morning they put an enema, after which they give the entire prescribed dosage of "Akrihin" (on an empty stomach).

In the case of diphyllobothriasis and teniosis, treatment with the agent under consideration is carried out one-time.

During de-worming, the patient may develop nausea and vomiting. In this case, the patient is shown bed rest, swallowing small pieces of ice and a warmer, which is imposed on the epigastric region.

In the treatment of giardiasis, this drug is taken three times a day for half an hour before a meal for 8 days. The maximum dosages of this drug for adults in this case are: daily - 0.6 g, single - 0.3 g.

In case of lupus erythematosus, "Akrihin" is prescribed 0.1 g three times a day for 10 days with a break of 5-7 days (4-5 courses each).

How should a medicament "Acyclovir-Akrihin" be used with herpes? Instructions for use asserts that the dosage of this drug as an antiviral agent should be selected only by a doctor.

Side effects

As a rule, the drug "Akrihin" is tolerated by patients very well. In this case, the yellow coloration of the skin, observed when taking the medication, is absolutely harmless. By the way, it can last several weeks, as well as some time after the end of treatment.

In case of an overdose by this agent, the patient may experience the following side effects:

  • "Akrikhin intoxication," that is, speech and motor excitation with loss of orientation, which lasts for several hours;
  • "Akrikhinovy psychosis", which is accompanied by the following hallucinations: visions and delusions, acquiring the character of reality;
  • Depression or excitement (including a state of depression), as well as other phenomena that last no more than a week.

With the development of neurologic symptoms, the drug in question is canceled. Also, the patient is prescribed plenty of drink, soothing and glucose.

Similar agents and synonyms of the drug

The following drugs include the following drugs: Bigumal, Quinine dihydrochloride, Metakelfin, Delagil, and Hinocid.

As for the synonyms of Akrihin, they include such drugs as Atabrin, Mepakrina Hydrocloride, Athebrin, Hinakrin, Hemiokhin, Hepakrin, Malaricida, Italkhin, Mekaprin "," Metohin "," Mepakrin "," Palakrin "," Pentylene "," Paluzan "," Tenikridin ".


According to experts, as an antimalarial drug, the drug "Akrihin" is not used very often. However, it is often used as anthelminthic and antiviral medication.

As for the patients, they were satisfied with the results of treatment with Akrihin. Also, they are very pleased with the fact that this drug has a low cost and has many analogs and synonyms.

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