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Subproduct - what is it? And with what it is eaten?

For many, the word "offal" is associated with something second-rate. It is believed that this food is inferior to meat in all respects. However, this is fundamentally wrong. Some of the by-products contain much more minerals and vitamins.

Subproduct - what is it?

Depending on the variety of livestock, there are beef, pork and mutton offals. This word refers to internal organs, as well as not the most valuable parts of the carcass of farm animals. All by-products differ in taste and in nutritional value. In this connection, two categories of by-products are distinguished. The first include those organs and parts of the carcass that have a high nutritional value due to the content in them of a large number of biologically active substances. This group includes the heart, brains, liver, kidneys, tongues, diaphragm, udder, meat-and-bone tails. In the second group are offal, which has a low nutritional value: the head, lungs, legs, ears, stomach, trachea.

Quality control

Meat and by-products are equally popular among the population. Their quality is closely monitored both at meat factories and at points of sale. Certain types of offal may contain blood, as well as a large number of microbes and active enzymes. The presence of such defects should be excluded, since the use of such food can cause serious health problems. Meat offal must be completely cleaned of blood and contaminants and should not show signs of spoilage. The liver is released from the lymph nodes, gall bladder and bile ducts. The color of the fresh liver should be brown or light brown. Remove the fat and connective tissue from the tongue. Its color in the cut must be uniform.


A simple man in the street should know some rules by which you can determine whether a preproduct is qualitative before him, that it is a healthy food or a poison. The product is sold chilled or frozen. It can be either whole or cut to pieces. Re-frozen or thawed products are strictly prohibited. In addition, if you notice tears or cuts on the package, it is worth to refrain from buying. The unnatural color of the product indicates that it is not suitable for use. The purchase of expired or poor-quality products can cause huge harm to health. It is difficult enough to judge the quality of frozen foods. It is best to give preference to fresh and chilled offal. A characteristic smell and even, natural color will tell you that this product can be eaten.

Beneficial features

Beef, pork, mutton by-products are good for health. They contain zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, as well as vitamins B, D, A, K, E, PP. The protein, which is part of their composition, does not differ from the proteins of meat. In these products are all the necessary amino acids, as well as elastin and collagen. The liver, heart, tongue, brains are used in dietary nutrition. They are rich in substances that stimulate blood formation. Dishes from these by-products improve the regeneration of hemoglobin, which is extremely important for anemia. They are recommended for use in diseases of the kidneys, the nervous system, after burns and suffered injuries. In addition, properly prepared by-products are very tasty and nutritious.

How to use offal?

This product is very popular in our country. From it you can cook a huge number of dishes. At the same time, processing by-products plays an important role. Any product must be thoroughly rinsed, and in some cases, soaked and soaked in a delicate taste. It is necessary to carefully remove all films and veins. In the original by-product there should be no blood. A very peculiar product is the bone marrow. It can be eaten raw or seasoned with herbs, grated apples, sweet almonds. The liver will be an excellent filling for pies and pancakes. From it, prepare excellent second courses, sausages and pates. Language, as a rule, is used for the preparation of smoked products, jellies, canned food, sausages. Kidneys are suitable for second and first courses. From the heart prepare liver sausages and pates. From ears and legs - jelly and brawn. Subproduct - what is it, how not an excellent substitute for expensive meat and sausages? A wide variety of these products guarantees a delicious and unusual menu every day.

Secrets of cooking

Due to the fact that each byproduct is a separate organ with its own taste, density and so on, it is necessary to know some tricks to make it. For example, the liver is only salted before use. Doing this during cooking, you will spoil the dish, making it dry and hard. To weld the lungs, they must be rinsed, put in a container, press down with oppression and then pour water and cook. If you do not follow these rules, the lungs will float to the surface.

With what to be more attentive?

Subproduct - what is it? A storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. There are necessarily. But do not get too involved. Many offal products have cholesterol in their composition. Therefore, experts recommend that they eat no more than twice a week. In addition, this product may contain cadmium and lead. Carefully choose raw offal. If in doubt, then refuse to purchase. Remember that in a poor-quality product there may be harmful microorganisms. Each time carefully choose products to not pay with your health.

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