Siding "Canadian Oak" by Tecos: description, photo, reviews

"Outer skin" - this translates the concept of "siding": there is no more exact name for this facing material. Siding appeared recently - about 60 years ago. At first, the products for outer skin were made of wood of different breeds, but since this material can be damaged by moisture, insects, rodents, it was replaced with metal and vinyl.

Soon vinyl products were replaced by metal products, and today many companies produce vinyl siding. Among them is the Canadian company Tecos. She opened a subsidiary in Russia, which allowed the Russian market of building materials to be saturated with more affordable products than products delivered from abroad.

Material of the company "Tekos"

The company produces several types of plastic panels, but the most demanded is the Canadian Oak Siding by Tecos. First of all, because the canvases perfectly imitate the natural material, which is important in the aesthetic sense. In addition, the Canadian Oak siding also has design features. So, in addition to the mounting locks, which securely fix both the panels and the overall design, there are joint edges on the canvases for fixing the cloths with the help of nails. And nails can be nailed to the maximum stop, which ensures the most reliable connection of the sheets with the surface to be faced.

But this is not all: for the production of siding in the company use polyvinyl chloride, applying to it a special technology of co-extrusion. This is the name of the method in which homogeneous panels are made of several components with different characteristics.

Differences of sheets

But Canadian siding is only 80% polyvinyl chloride. In addition, the products contain:

  1. Stabilizing the structure of titanium dioxide.
  2. Coloring pigments.
  3. Butadiene, which serves as an inhibitor.
  4. The filler is calcium.
  5. Other substances that enhance the strength characteristics of the finished material and its fire resistance.

And all substances are not mixed, but create a multi-layered construction of the final product, in which each layer fulfills its purpose.

Features of the coating

Special additives of the outer layer increase the resistance of the products to ultraviolet, precipitation, and different temperature gradient indicators.

Also in the material of the outer layer are added modern pigments, which allow to give the surface of the material different colors and shades. Therefore, the outer layer is also a visiting card that represents not only the Canadian Oak siding, but also any other similar products. And the coloring pigments are so high quality that they do not burn out under the influence of any weather conditions.

But the inner layer protects the panels from mechanical influences, giving the structure the necessary rigidity. Accordingly, each layer carries a certain load, and all together provide the material with necessary and important properties and characteristics for operation.

One of the main features, which differs siding "Canadian Oak", is the thickness of the sheets - 1.2 mm. This indicator meets international standards and is the main indicator of quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of products

Since the needs of consumers and their requirements for products are taken into account when manufacturing Tecos products, the specialists of the company are working to ensure that the Canadian siding possesses such properties as resistance to any winds up to hurricanes, was not afraid of even severe frosts and was highly aesthetic. What did they realize?

Among the advantages that distinguish the products of the company "Tekos" from the products of competitors, the following:

  1. Fire safety. Since non-combustible raw materials are used for production, the material does not burn.
  2. Biological and ecological purity.
  3. No condensation on the internal surface, which is due to internal ventilation.
  4. Resistance to aging - the shape and color of the lined surfaces retain a minimum of half a century.
  5. Siding from the siding does not conduct an electric current.
  6. High aesthetics, which differs from other analog siding "Canadian Oak". Photo is the best proof of this.

This is not all of the pluses of the material, the list of them is quite impressive, but the shortcomings, not even the most picky consumers, nor specialists have revealed. Although many called the main and only shortcoming of the material its high price. But if the cost of the material is divided by the years of its operation, then this figure will be lower than that of many other materials for the cladding of buildings.


Siding "Canadian Oak" has the following overall dimensions and features:

  • Thickness - 1,2 mm.
  • The width is 23 cm.
  • The length is 3.66 cm.
  • The panels have the shape of a bar.
  • Mounted horizontally.
  • Packing consists of 18 sheets.

Attention! In one bundle can be canvases, the picture and the shade of which differ in tone. This is not a marriage - in the production uneven painting of panels is done purposefully to create the effect of using natural material. Therefore, during installation, it is necessary to select the sheets so that the shade changes occur smoothly and the surface of the object to be lined is harmonious in color.

Opinion of specialists

What else can confirm the quality of the Canadian Oak Siding of Tecos? The feedback of those who worked with this material is the best indicator of the quality, durability and reliability of the material.

Judging by the feedback, the mechanism of docking the panels ensures their quick and easy installation, which even inexperienced users can perform. While in the facing of wall surfaces, siding of other companies has to maintain a gap for thermal expansion between the individual sheets "by eye", when installing the sheets of the company "Tekos" this is not necessary: the company's specialists have taken care of the ease of installation, Designation of the required tolerance for expansion with changes in ambient temperature.

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