Foundation blocks

Today, many prefer to fill the monolithic foundation as before , although for this period the foundation blocks that have a series of superiorities gain a wide spread:

1) their use significantly reduces the time of work, because there is no need to wait for the set of strength and until it stiffens;

2) produced in the factory, the blocks are suitable for all conditions of the standard and are approved by the OTK;

3) have the highest strength, because they are made by the method of vibration compacting and steaming, still have such characteristics as moisture resistance, compressive strength and winter hardiness;

4) very high refractoriness, this is very important for the construction of residential buildings and urban facilities;

5) quite profitable and intelligible price. Building blocks perfectly show themselves when building the bases of buildings that carry different functions, walls of basement and other premises.

The main thing when buying blocks take into account the hydrological and geological conditions of the area, the technical data of the building.

Foundation blocks are divided into: FBS (foundation wall blocks); The base of the belt; Foundation beams. Such blocks are of different shapes, volumes and brands, which makes it possible to make the foundations of buildings of very different configurations and in the shortest possible time. The greatest demand for construction uses FBS, because the price of finished FBS is much lower than the filling of the solid foundation of the house. Undoubtedly, it is better to take and install ready-made blocks, rather than hire people in order to fill the ground and erect from scratch.

Concrete blocks - this is a building material that has become popular in the construction of foundations and walls of basements. Often blocks of FBS are used for the creation of tape foundations and socles, which transfer all loads to the foundation.

Concrete foundation blocks should be chosen taking into account the assumed load, the purpose of the building, and also the soil and hydrological situation of the zone. They can be manufactured with hollow, monolithic or monolithic products with specific cutouts. In order to find the block of FBS necessary in a particular case, it is necessary to be guided by its dimensions and sphere of use. Monolithic products throw the load on a natural or artificial base.

Hollow FBS are blocks that have a smaller mass, improved sound and thermal insulation characteristics. And concrete blocks with specific cutouts are the best option for the communication device, since the existing cutouts are great for placing pipes and any type of wiring. Recall that the production of blocks is quite profitable, because they are made in monolithic blocks, with a small cavity inside or with a few discontinuous cavities in order to save the material used and is made by the method of vibrocompression, which explains the quality and high level of technical properties of finished products. For today's construction, reinforced concrete is considered to be the most high-quality material, therefore it is used so often in the manufacture of construction parts. Different manufacturers release blocks of different brands and dimensions, which makes it possible to flood the foundations of buildings with the required configuration, fast enough and with guaranteed quality.

So, using concrete blocks in construction, you ensure to yourself the highest quality of buildings and the simplicity of construction, because it is absolutely clear to everyone that in many ways this quality is determined by the quality of the materials used.

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