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Bathroom arrangement. More convenient bath, shower tray or shower?

Bathroom. Today, in many ways, its purpose and practicality are rethought. We want beauty and comfort even in this secluded corner of the apartment or house. Especially attracted and beckon numerous design projects of bathrooms, in large numbers shown on television and on the Internet. However, not so long ago the question of bathroom layout was not so relevant. Many had to be content with what the developer provided for them.

In the fifties in the so-called Stalinist building bathrooms were designed with an area of no more than ten squares. Since there were not too many material benefits and achievements, this area was quite enough. The "Khrushchevs" who came to replace the "stalinkas" were characterized by a combined bathroom, the area of which was limited to three squares. Most of the room was occupied by a bulky bath, cast from cast iron. And there were no such concepts as a "shower cubicle" or a "shower tray" at all.

Today, the problems of a small area remain, as most of the population still lives in old houses. However, there are many more options to increase the functionality of bathrooms. The question of choice remains difficult. What should I prefer: a bath or a shower booth? Consider the pros and cons to prioritize.

Bath: advantages and disadvantages

The modern market offers a wide range of bathtubs, made of various materials: metal, acrylic, cast iron, plastic. They differ in size, color and shape, which allows you to install them on any area. In addition, there is always a wide variety of furniture, so that in one room you can place all the necessary things and accessories. It looks like a bathroom aesthetically and beautifully.

The question of loving a bath is very individual and depends on personal preferences. It is suitable:

  • Those who like to luxuriate in warm water in the evening, relaxed and immersed in it all body;
  • For families with young children who bathe in the shower, even if the shower tray is deep, uncomfortable;
  • Those who use the bath, installing accessories for the shower, while the shower tray is not needed.

However, there are disadvantages. First of all, it is:

  • A large water consumption and, as a result, a rise in the cost of utilities;
  • High side of the bathtub, which is often impossible to overcome without assistance to older people or people with disabilities;
  • To take a bath you need more time (if it is not, it's easier to install a shower tray and use a shower);
  • Despite the variety of forms, the bath still takes up a lot of space, which could be used for a washing machine or an extra locker.

It is worth saying a few words about shower cabins, highlighting their advantages and identifying shortcomings.

Shower cabins: advantages and disadvantages

Shower cabins are increasingly becoming an alternative replacement for a traditional bath. Nevertheless, there is always a certain amount of doubt: is it worth changing the usual bath used for many years to a shower stall.

We will determine the advantages of modern versions of shower cabins:

  • The shower cubicle goes on sale in a complete set, which allows you to equip one bathroom with all the necessary elements.
  • There are many models of showers, differing in functional fullness and design.
  • The water consumption in bathing in the shower is much less.
  • The shower tray is usually replaceable, small in size, which generally saves space in the room.

The disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that bathing small children in such a device is inconvenient. In many shower cabins the shower tray is steel, with its use, every drop of water that falls on it is given a sonorous echo throughout the apartment.

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