The drug "Dolphin": reviews and a guide to action

The inhaler "Dolphin" is a whole complex of preparations for deep washing of the nasopharynx. Unlike other drugs used in diseases of the nasal cavity, this medicine not only relieves the symptoms of the disease, but also helps to eliminate the source of the disease itself. Moreover, the content of only natural components allows even pregnant women, people with certain chronic diseases and children to safely use the drug "Dolphin". The testimonies of those who have already used the inhaler say that even after a single wash immediately they were able to breathe without difficulty.

Nowadays, many people suffer from nasopharyngeal diseases: tonsillitis, sinusitis, sinusitis and many others. The spread of such diseases is affected by the deterioration of the environment, primarily caused by air pollution by harmful chemical discharges.

The inhaler "Dolphin" helps people learn themselves and educates children regularly to keep the nasopharynx cavity clean and healthy. If we take into account that the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx are the main place of reproduction of respiratory viruses, and they also contain at least 80% of harmful substances, dust, dirt, bacteria and viruses taken from the inhaled air, it is possible to estimate the significance of the drug Dolphin . The testimonies of those who have already started using it, abandoning the standard dropping of drops, say that they no longer need to sit, throwing their heads up, waiting for the drops to penetrate the nasopharyngeal cavity. And, if the discharge from the nose is thick and abundant, then the medicine may not reach the mucous membrane at all.

Precisely for both adults and children to regularly take care of the nasal cavity, scientists from Novosibirsk and the drug "Dolphin" was created, which helps make the process of washing the nasopharynx much more pleasant and even more comfortable. A bottle for inhalation and 30 bags of a special mixture, developed on the basis of salt extracted from sea water, with additives from plant extracts of licorice and dogrose - this is the inhaler "Dolphin". The reviews say that it will not require any special knowledge and no special conditions for its use. Anyone can use it at home.

Salt, which is applied for inhalation, is extracted at the site of the ancient Permian Sea, which was at the site of its extraction 180 million years ago. It is a mixture of rare minerals of carnallite and halite. Salt has preserved a completely unique composition and is absolutely environmentally friendly. Thus, exactly what is not available to any other mineral salts extracted from the earth's surface is used in the preparation "Dolphin". The scientists' comments say that the effect of salt from the ancient sea is comparable to that of a healthy coastal climate.

In 40 minerals, which can be extracted from sea salt, contains 133 useful trace elements. A medical solution made on the basis of it, does not irritate the mucous membranes at all. In addition, the solutions of minerals that are used in the preparation "Dolphin" are completely suitable for daily use, since they are identical to the biological fluids of the human body. The inhaler is compatible with any medications and physiotherapy.

Those who already use or plan to use the drug "Dolphin", the experts' reviews indicate some contraindications. The drug is not recommended if the nose is too embedded, there is an ear infection in the acute form, an individual intolerance to the drug. It can not be used in the therapy of bedridden patients, patients with severe chronic illnesses and with mental disabilities.

It should also be recalled that if there is a feeling of increased pressure in the ears, then the drug should be stopped and you should consult your doctor.

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