Reinforced concrete columns and their construction, features

Builders have long mastered this type of structure, such as reinforced concrete columns. They are successfully used in the construction of a variety of types of buildings. First of all, these structures play the role of a supporting element, which takes up most of the load.

Design Features

The frame of a building simply can not be built unless reinforced concrete columns are used. They play no less important role than, for example, crossbars, girders and other structural elements. The length is usually chosen so that it corresponds to the height of two floors in the building that is being erected. The structures themselves with these structures can be completely different. For example, even garages, warehouses and ordinary houses.

Process masonry and a variety of structures

When the masonry itself occurs, the girders and crossbars are connected to the concrete slab. This building becomes simply an indispensable assistant in the construction of any character. In general, concrete slabs are divided into two types, if they are arranged under parabolic trays of concrete. For example, reinforced concrete columns may belong to the class of piles-columns. Or to the class of pillars. In the foundation of a glass type, column pillars are immersed.

Additional characteristics and notation

Only GOSTs become a source of information on the dimensions of such a product, as reinforced concrete columns. This is typical for all reinforced concrete structures. For example, we are talking about a pile-column, if there is such a designation as SK. 40.2. 5-1. Piles-columns have a width of 200 mm and a length of 4000 mm. 450 millimeters - the width that the headpiece has. He is the first in carrying capacity. The length of the trays that are supported by the columns determines the division into groups of the columns themselves. There are two main groups - for trays of 6 meters and 8 meters long.

Requirements and features

If we talk about such structures as reinforced concrete columns of buildings, they, first of all, should provide an opportunity to stack, transport and move them. In addition, there must be a certain speed with which these products harden. Manufacturers should do everything possible to optimize cement consumption and reduce the total cost. Strict requirements are advanced to the fittings. It should create good adhesion to concrete. Only this makes it possible to acquire properties characteristic of all reinforced concrete structures.

What else is worth paying attention to?

In addition, all items of reinforcement must have a sufficiently high fatigue strength. After all, the installation of reinforced concrete columns is carried out with the account that they will last a long time. Low values should be in the expansion of the reinforcement in the concrete. Naturally, products made of such a material should have a high resistance to corrosion. If reinforced concrete structures start to break down from the inside, there is nothing worse. It is the strength characteristics, not just tested in practice, that allowed such structures to gain wide popularity and popularity.

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