Overview of the car "Opel-Zafira B"

"Opel Zafira" is a very popular family minivan. And it is widely distributed not only in Europe and Russia, but also in Japan, North and South America. The model "Opel-Zafira B" was born in 2005. It came to replace the old "A" series. Why did the car like motorists so much? Overview of "Opel-Zafira B" later in this article.


The manufacturer does not hide that the car was built on the platform "Asters H". So, the appearance of "Zafira" is almost identical to "Astra" - a smiling bumper, slanting lights, a hood in the form of a beak. In expensive trim levels, this car can be equipped with lensed optics. Mirrors are painted in body color, there is also a cut-out in bumpers for parktronics. Despite the already advanced age, this car does not look old at all. The design is still fresh and bright. At the same time, Opel Zafira B is devoid of any aggressive forms. This is a purely family, modest car. In appearance, there are no hints of sportiness or presentability.

Dimensions, clearance

"Opel-Zafira B" is a very compact minivan. So, the length of the body is 4.46 meters, width - 1.8, height - 1.63. The ground clearance of the car is the same as that of the "Astra H" - 16 centimeters. But the situation is aggravated by the fact that Zafira has long overhangs, especially in front. In winter, there is a risk of catching a snowdrift. If it is hard, scratches will inevitably form on the bumper. Using "Zafira" on our roads, you should avoid places with high gradients and bumps.


The salon is very well assembled, notes the reviews. "Zafira" has a three-spoke multi-wheel and a very modern panel. On the latter is a digital multimedia display with navigation. Below there is a radio tape recorder for CDs. Also on the central console there is a climate control unit. What is noteworthy, the gearshift lever is not integrated into the panel. It is some kind of its continuation. Reviews say that this solution slightly skimps free space. But what is particularly pleasing is the ergonomics. Seats in Zafira are comfortable enough, with a good range of adjustments. Throughout the salon you can find different niches and hiding places for small things. Already in the initial configuration there is an electric drive for mirrors and power windows. The rear row has the function of transformation. So, in the 7-seat version the machine is capable of placing up to 540 liters of luggage. With folded chairs, this volume can be increased to an unthinkable 1820 liters. In this machine, you can even place a refrigerator. The car is very practical in terms of transportation. Also the car is well adjusted to comfort. At speed, you will not notice noticeable noises and extraneous vibrations. Great for long trips "Opel Zafira B". The generator has enough power to provide the onboard network with voltage. In the car you can put additional acoustics and other "bells and whistles" without replacing the battery and "genes." By the way, the door cards already have cutouts for the speakers and high-frequency speakers.


For the Russian market, only one engine was provided. "Opel-Zafira B" was equipped with a row, 4-cylinder engine in volume of 1796 cubic centimeters. This is a modern motor from the family "EcoTek" with a system of changing the phases of gas distribution. The maximum power of Opel-Zafira B 1.8 is 140 horsepower. The torque at 3.8 thousand revolutions is 175 Nm. The motor is transverse to the body. Can be manned with both a mechanical and a robotic gearbox. Reviews say that when buying it is worth paying attention to the mechanics. It has a high resource of resources and is distinguished by its endurance.

Expenditure, dynamics

Reviews say that the car with this engine is very economical. So, in urban mode, it consumes no more than 9 and a half liters of fuel. On the highway - about 5.7. At the same time, the engine meets Euro-4 emission standards. As for the dynamics, it can differ depending on the transmission used. So, on mechanics the acceleration to a hundred takes 11 and a half seconds. On the robotized transmission - almost 13. But the maximum speed for both cars is the same and is 197 kilometers per hour.


As we said earlier, "Opel-Zafira B" was built on the basis of "Astra". With the replacement of some details, problems do not arise, say the testimonials. Everything can be installed from the Astra. At the front of the car are independent McPherson struts and an enhanced stabilizer. At the rear is a torsional semi-independent beam. Brake system of disk type. Steering is a rake with an electro-hydraulic booster. Also in the car are such systems as:

  • EBD;
  • ESP;
  • ABS.

The machine has a very energy-intensive suspension. But because of the long overhangs, there is a risk of damaging the bumper about any obstacle.


So, we examined what the "Opel-Zafira B" car is. As you can see, this is an excellent family minivan, which features a comfortable cabin and a capacious luggage compartment. Today, this car is sold at a price of 300 to 400 thousand rubles, which is very acceptable at the current rate.

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