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Note for men. What to do if there is no penis

If you have a desire to have sexual intercourse with a woman, but your sexual organ is not associated with your passion, more precisely - does not react, does not rise, then such a symptom can be called impotence or erectile dysfunction. This means that at the moment of intimacy there is no ability to achieve an erection and, importantly, to support it. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the causes and further actions, because often men do not know how to deal with this, and what to do if a member has risen, of course, everyone knows.

The main reasons for not getting a member

The reasons for such unpleasant situations for men, can be absolutely any factors that contribute to reducing the flow of blood to the cavernous bodies, or, conversely, to accelerate the outflow from these bodies. Most often, this occurs when chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, severe depression, diabetes mellitus, or a strong increase in blood pressure appear or worsen. It should be noted that depression can significantly reduce sexual activity in the future, can cause pain, and often men do not have a clue what to do if the penis hurts.

Doctors say that environmental factors can also greatly affect the potency. Thus, men should avoid ionizing and electromagnetic radiation.

In many examinations, doctors note that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can occur even after (serious or frivolous) injuries in the spine or pelvis. And, of course, the main threats to your potency are: smoking, drinking alcohol and being overweight. Having become acquainted with all sorts of reasons, you should not forget about your age, and if you already had suggestions about what caused your problem, then, having considered the reason, it is necessary to determine further actions, that is, it is necessary to understand what to do if there is no rise member.

Actions after detection of symptoms

First of all, it is necessary to determine the occurrence of erectile dysfunction, and if it appeared against the background of psychological disorders, uncertainty and embarrassment, then it is necessary to immediately consult a sexologist. If your "illness" does not depend on psychological reasons, it is worth to visit a urologist who will determine what to do if the penis does not rise.

When you visit a specialist, you need to fully talk about your problem and, in addition, undergo a test, donate blood for the detection of testosterones, prolactin, hormones, etc .; In addition, a man can be offered an artificial pharmacological erection, can offer a vascular scanning and recording of nocturnal erections, as well as cavernography, electromyography and magnetic resonance imaging. A full examination and will show what to do if the penis does not rise, what treatment to prescribe and what factors should be feared.

You should not look for recipes for treatment yourself and ask internet friends what to do if the penis does not get up, because they can advise you unthinkable. Contact your doctor who will prescribe a conservative or surgical treatment that will prescribe the appropriate drugs that protect and dilate blood vessels, various necessary vitamins and stimulants. As a rule, in addition to the main treatment, doctors recommend single-dose preparations that strengthen the erection, for example, Viagra.

In most cases, doctors seek recovery of the male body, but do not self-medicate. The only thing you can do yourself is to take various herbal preparations (plant collections), which will help calm the body, relax during sexual intercourse, etc.

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