Multivara Brand 502: user manual, user reviews

The Brand 502 is one of the popular models, which is chosen by a large number of buyers, as evidenced by their reviews. What are the features of this device and how should I use it correctly? We will discuss this in detail later.

General information about the model

The maximum power level during cooking is 850 watts. The bowl for multivark has a volume of 5 liters.

Material for the body is plastic. In the set, along with kitchen appliances, there is a spoon for rice, soup, a measuring cup, a top and bottom steamer, and a collection containing recipes for the Brand 502 multivark.

The peculiarity of this multivark is that it is equipped with 3 heating elements: the main (bottom), in the middle, and also in the lid. This device provides a special heating system, so the dishes are prepared quickly and are very tasty and juicy.

The device is provided with a guarantee for a period of two years.

The Brand 502 multivara, whose price ranges from 5 to 7 thousand rubles, is affordable for buyers. Among the products in its price category, this is one of the best options.

Multivark management

The equipment has ten programs, including: cooking cereals (in several versions), milk porridge, stewed dishes, homemade yogurt, soup, baking, steaming and frying, warming up and manual mode.

In general, according to customer feedback, the device is fairly easy to use. All commands are displayed in Russian, menu buttons, start cooking and its cancellation, etc. are signed. The display shows the time, the selected mode and all processes.

When the user starts the cooking start in the multivark, the countdown starts. Special sound signals prompt the necessary actions. Also with the help of them you can learn about the beginning and end of cooking. All modes have their highlight.

There is a delayed cooking start program (up to a full twenty-four hours!), However it does not work if you start the frying or heating option, as well as the manual control program.

Multiwire Brand 502: User manual

Next, you will find information on how to properly put products into the device. Ease of use provides the presence of light indicators and sound signals, as well as a sufficiently complete set of additional devices that are equipped with the Brand 502 multivarker. The instruction includes a general manual for use, as well as for each cooking mode separately.

An example of a bookmark is shown on rice croup.

  • It is necessary to measure the required amount of the product, rinse it and place it in the multivark capacity (do not wash it directly in a special bowl, otherwise its coating, which has non-stick properties) can be damaged.
  • Next, add water (inside the tank walls, the lines indicate the water level for proper cooking). To measure how much it is required, use the "cup" scale, on which there are gradations with proportions. For example, for four cups of rice cereal, you need to pour water to a mark in four cups. A minimum is two measuring cups. At the same time, the amount of water and cereals can not be higher than the maximum mark.
  • Wipe the walls and bottom of the container to dryness and gently place it inside the device, turning it so that contact with the heating electrical parts is established.
  • Then close the lid tightly.
  • After that it is necessary to connect the multivark to the electrical network.
  • The display should show "88.88", and the light indicators - light up.
  • Then the unit will emit a special sound. The indicators should go out and the unit switch to standby mode.
  • Further, the user can configure the multivarker for the desired program.

How to choose the cooking mode?

Click on "Menu", and then select the program you need. The current mode will correspond to the indicator with illumination. The start button should blink at the same time. If you made the final choice of cooking mode, you should click on it. In the case when the multivar has started to work, the indicator of this button stably burns.

Croup mode (express and standard)

This program is initially automatic. By clicking on the advanced settings button, the user can select the exact setting. Among the subroutines there are modes of express, standard and cooking pilaf.

In the first case, pour the rump into a container and pour it to the desired water mark. Then you need to press the "Menu" button and select the option for cooking the cereals. Automatically the device will switch to express program (here the time depends on the number of products). Experts advise to use this mode for cooking dishes from lentils or buckwheat.

The program "Standard" differs only in that the countdown does not begin for 4 minutes (as in the express program), but for 9. It is best to use it for cooking rice porridge and millet.

The "Pilot" mode in the multivarquet Brand 502

It is necessary to fry the vegetables with meat. It is necessary to pour a little oil into the container of the device. Then you can add the products. After that, put the rice and pour the appropriate amount of water (proportion 1 to 1). Select the cooking mode for cereals by pressing the above buttons.

In the advanced settings you should specify the program "Pilaf".

The program for frying

In this mode, it is recommended to fry vegetables, fish or meat. You need to pour a little oil in the tank and pick the right program in the menu. The time will automatically be set to 20 minutes, but if necessary, you can change it (click on "min." And specify how long it takes from five to one hundred and twenty minutes, and then press the start button).

When the oil warms up on the bottom of the bowl, you can put the ingredients to be fried there. The lid can remain open. Be sure to stir the food during cooking.

Manual mode

In this program, you can set yourself up to 5 cooking steps with different temperature indicators and a period of time. Thus, the heating can be gradual, rapid or gradually lower. The temperature can be in the range of twenty-five to one hundred and thirty degrees (with an interval of five degrees).

Yoghurt cooking program

It is necessary to pour milk into the container and close the multivark. If you need to boil a product, do not add more than two liters, as it can rapidly rise in the process.

The yoghurt program is also indicated in the menu. The absence of the process of boiling milk is automatically determined. If necessary, if this is necessary, select the boiling point in the additional settings.

If the milk does not boil, you will hear a special sound at a temperature of 37 to 40 degrees (as when boiling, but there it will also happen after it has cooled down).

The required time can be specified using the corresponding buttons. This includes both boiling and cooling. Therefore, if you turned on the device for 8 hours cooking homemade yogurt, then it will be prepared only 6 hours, and the rest of the time the milk will boil or cool down.

The exact amount of time can not be established, in view of the different properties of probiotic products.

When the desired temperature is reached, you need to press the start button, after which the countdown should begin.

If you hear another sound, you can dilute the probiotic in milk. This will happen when milk reaches a temperature of 38 to 40 degrees.

Steam cooking program

It is necessary to pour water into the container and install one of the steamers. Food should be placed on them. Then you need to close the lid of the device, click on the menu and turn on the steam program. The display in automatic mode will show the time in twenty minutes. With the help of a timer it can be changed.

Press the start button, and after that the device will work, which can be understood by the lighted indicator near it.

Soup preparation program

In this mode, you can cook different first courses. It is suitable for making soup, rassolnik or saltwort, borscht, etc.

Put all ingredients in the container. Then you need to pour the right amount of water (without exceeding the maximum mark, which is above all on the scale inside the bowl multivark).

From the menu, select the soup preparation program. The screen will automatically display the time at thirty minutes. Using the timer button, you can change the default settings.

Then you need to press the start, after which the countdown of the soup preparation time should begin. Inside the multivark everything should boil. Then the heating function will be turned off, and after fifteen minutes the temperature will drop to a ninety degree mark.

After that everything inside the multivarker will boil again. After another fifteen minutes, the temperature will be reduced to ninety degrees. This will be repeated after the specified time interval.

In this program, you can lay ingredients in the cooking process.

Multivara Brand 502: reviews

The consumers' opinion about the quality of this device, in its majority, is positive.

So, according to reviews, the device has programs for a variety of needs, so you can cook both diet products and fry, and bake and cook milk porridge. If you need to do something special, and the recipe is rather complicated and you should set different temperatures in the process, you can use the manual mode (it allows you to program yourself up to five stages during cooking, at the same time, different temperatures will be set).

Many indicate that the Brand 502 is a great purchase if the customer likes plov. In the manual mode, you can at the right temperature fry meat with vegetables, cook rice cereals, etc.

Specialists note that the interface of the device is one of the most understandable for average users in accordance with the tests conducted.

The text in the display is displayed in Russian in large print. In addition, they are highlighted in a bright red color, which adds convenience when using the device.

The bowl for the multivark looks solid and thorough. The form of covering the bottom of the device looks like a honeycomb, so the heat is distributed evenly. The lid inside can be removed without difficulty, which is why it is quite easy to take care of the equipment.

Also in the reviews most often there are data that the device can be used for a long period of time.

However, there are some drawbacks which, according to customers, the Brand 502 Multivar has. Error E3 can be displayed on the display of the device if the temperature sensor is broken in it. Such a malfunction disturbs many users. But this breakdown is easily eliminated, and it does not occur so often.

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