Fridge Indesit SB 185: specifications, description, reviews

Sometimes the need to replace the refrigerator arises suddenly. The old unit that has failed is no longer subject to repair, and without such an instrument it is impossible to manage in modern families. In this situation, the time to choose a worthy replacement is catastrophically small. In addition, many have a limited budget. But do not forget that this is buying for how many years ahead, so the reliability of the refrigerator should be above all else. Fortunately, in the modern market, there are models for middle-class buyers who perform the functions assigned to them qualitatively, and the reliability of their work is noted by many already existing consumers. One such model of the refrigerator is Indesit SB 185.

Brief information about the manufacturer

Not everyone knows that the history of the foundation of the company began in the 30s of last century. The founder is the Italian businessman A. Merlon. However, the company's usual name Indesit was received much later. To date, this brand is produced jointly with another well-known, Hotpoint Ariston. Refrigerators are being assembled, including Indesit SB 185, in the Russian city of Lipetsk by technology and under the control of Italians.

To date, this manufacturer owns about 15% of the consumer market, which already speaks about the scale of the whole enterprise. The company has won the love of its fans and customers thanks to the use of the latest technologies, acceptable price policy and a wide range of products.

Basic Characteristics of the Model

First of all, the Indesit SB 185 refrigerator will appeal to the fair sex, who concentrate a lot on external characteristics. Elegant white body, no doubt, fit into any kitchen interior.

The capacity indicator is about 339 liters, which allows the family to use up to 5 people. Due to easy intuitive control, there will be no difficulties with operation.

This model belongs to the B class, so you do not have to worry about paying for electricity bills. After all, the total amount of consumption per year is not more than 445 kW.

The share of the refrigerating chamber is about 235 liters. The whole space is divided into shelves made of thick and durable glass. Therefore, it is quite possible to put heavy pans in the chamber.

The freezer has a volume of 104 liters. Defrosting in manual mode is extremely rare. Thanks to the presence of spacious boxes, you can store products of any category and in a large enough amount. The power of freezing is also quite decent - about 4 kg per day.

Defrosting system

The two-chamber refrigerator Indesit SB 185 has a drip defrost system. It is also called the "weeping wall". Such a system does not provide a fan. A small layer of ice that forms on the back wall of the refrigerating compartment, periodically thaws, water drains to the opening provided for this. Through it, the liquid enters the container, located outside, on the back of the refrigerator. The container does not need to be cleaned. During operation of the condenser, the condensate evaporates. If you analyze the opinions of consumers about the model Indesit SB 185, reviews of such a defrost system are more positive. The ice "coat", as in the old Soviet refrigerators, is not formed here.

The minimum temperature maintained in the freezer is minus 24 ° C. It is thawed by hand. In the event that a large number of products are loaded into the freezer, you can use the option "Superfrost"

Refrigerators with a drop defrosting system, including Indesit SB 185, are recommended to be completely switched off once every 6-8 months to wash and remove the resulting frost in the freezer compartment.

Features of the model

Judging by the reviews of the Indesit SB 185 refrigerator, it stands out amongst its brethren. From such a roomy and thanks to a drip defrost system that does not "eat up" a useful volume, like the No Frost system. Not noisy, although many before the purchase is confused by class B. After all, everyone is used to the fact that a large number of such devices have A or A +. But a second-class representative does not discomfort users during his work. This is also evidenced by numerous reviews.

Refrigerator Indesit SB 185 white perfectly fits into any interior. It is tall - 185 cm, which makes it roomy. Due to the possibility of hanging the doors, the device can be placed absolutely in any angle.

Regulation of the temperature regime in the refrigerator compartment is mechanical.

The control is located on the top panel, above the door of the refrigerating chamber, outside. If a person does not close the door or completely forgot to do it, in a minute the refrigerator will definitely let you know about it.


For many modern consumers, the main advantage of the Indesit SB 185 refrigerator is its affordable price. The average cost is 17000-25000 rubles, depending on the point of sale. For a high refrigerator with similar characteristics, this is quite an adequate cost.

The presence or absence of the possibility to change the location of the shelves

The refrigeration chamber has several shelves that separate the common space into uniform parts. However, in any family there is a high tableware, which can not be placed with such a distribution. As the manufacturer notices the wishes of his customers, he made it possible to independently adjust the position of the shelves, depending on the needs of the owners of the equipment.

According to the reviews of some users, sometimes the corners on the shelves break if the products are unevenly distributed. With a heavy load, the shelf may not survive at all. It is worth considering during the operation and distribution of products.


Analyzing customer feedback, we can distinguish the following advantages of the model:

  1. Convenient transformation of the shelves, changing the height of storage space.
  2. Even when used at an average power, the refrigerator does its job well and does not tolerate a malfunction.
  3. Works quietly.
  4. No unpleasant smell of plastic even in a new device.
  5. For a small price the capacity of the two cameras is good.
  6. Works in stand-alone mode up to 15 hours. Due to this, you can not be afraid of defrosting products in the event of an emergency power outage.

Disadvantages of the model

In the refrigerator Indesit SB 185, as in any technique, the following drawbacks were noticed:

  1. Impractical drawers of the freezer, plastic is often broken off when accidentally depressed.
  2. Sealing gums in the process of operation begin to flow through the air, which causes the ice to form in the chambers.

The second problem is easily solved by replacing components. Repair in this case does not require large expenses. As for the boxes, they will have to be ordered at specialized service centers.


Indesit company for almost a century pleases its customers with high-quality and reliable technology. Of course, according to users' reviews, one can only talk about a subjective assessment. Everyone has different preferences, tastes and requirements for such household appliances. Therefore, while a man himself does not try this model in action, it will be extremely difficult to evaluate the product.

If you look at the overall ratings given by users, you can see a fairly high average score. Accessibility in the financial plan, undoubtedly, influences the decision-making, therefore each buyer also should remember it.

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