Legend machine - Fiat 124 and its descendants

The number of brands and models of cars that are produced today is incredibly high. Among them there are both miniature and giant "ships", like SUVs capable of overcoming any obstacles on the way, as well as sports cars created only for perfectly flat tracks. However, among this variety there are such models that have become a kind of legend, served as the main for many other cars and entered the world history. It is in this category includes the Italian car Fiat 124 class sedan. After looking at it, one can not help noticing the similarity with the domestic Zhiguli.

The same-name Italian car factory launched the model in 1966. Modernization and improvement of both external data and technical characteristics of the Fiat 124 took place annually, but ceased eight years later. In 1974, the model was withdrawn from production, but its popularity did not affect it in any way. Moreover, approximately in these years in the Soviet Union launched a line of cars, well known to all under the brand name "Lada". Virtually all models of VAZ - a copy of the Italian Fiat 124 both as a body type, and on technical features and configuration.

This legendary car was introduced in Paris in 1966, and immediately it managed to win the title "The Car of the Year in Europe". Throughout the continent, many fans of this versatile and compact sedan have appeared. The most important advantage of the model, especially given those times, was considered a rear-wheel drive. As a rule, such a technical feature was characteristic of American cars, which differed in power and high torque. In this case, the Fiat 124 became the embodiment of strength, comfort and maneuverability, which previously lacked all cars made in Europe. It is worth noting that, despite its small size and compactness, this car is very roomy. Who in the 90 years was dissecting along the avenues on the Zhiguli, knows perfectly well that this is true.

Thanks to this success of this machine in the same 1966 in the light comes out its analogue - Fiat 124 Spider, zavedivshy mass of fans among street racing and fans of fast driving. This model has a slightly different body structure, which in its texture is like racing cars. Naturally, the technical characteristics of the car are quite impressive - a 4-cylinder engine, a 5-speed transmission and two upper camshafts. Also, its feature is considered a flip top, which, according to experts, was also borrowed from American models of cars.

In the early 70's, it was decided to increase the headlights and make them more expressive. After that, this car got a new name - Fiat124 Sport Spider, and since then this console has become a sign that the car is racing. In our time, this wonderful Italian sedan, alas, is not produced anymore and is not being modernized. However, its "descendants" can be seen in the new VAZ models, which are made in our homeland. After all, Fiat 124 served in the middle of the last century as a prototype for the products of such a popular Russian carmaker.

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