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Jetem Paris - journey to the city of your dreams together with the baby

Active parents do not represent their lives without traveling both short-term for short distances, and long-term ones. In this case, it is not so important what kind of transport is used: an ordinary bus, own car, train or plane. In the case of traveling with a baby things on the road are recruited a lot, and the idea of what else you need to carry with you and the stroller sometimes horrifies. To help children and their parents come lightweight folding models. One of them is the Jetem Paris cane.

This wheelchair manufacturer has proven itself in the Russian market. The model range presented to them is diverse, and the quality of the products is kept at a sufficiently high level, and at the same time the prices for them are acceptable to the majority of consumers.

Model Description

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at Jetem Paris is its bright, rich color. Of course, there are specimens made in fairly calm tones, but most models are attracted by their non-standard color solutions, which young and active people like so much.

Speaking about the technical side of the issue, this wheelchair has all the qualities it needs: lightness (its weight is less than 7 kilograms), convenience of folding and compactness.

Very pleasant is that the backrest Jetem Paris can be expanded into a nearly horizontal position (up to 170 degrees). The sleeper is long enough (82 centimeters) and wide (34 centimeters). For the comfort of the baby in the stroller there is a depreciation system. And the cover on the legs will protect from the weather. So to have a rest in it will be very convenient.

Parents like handles with anti-slip overlays and a solid basket for shopping. The ability to remove the upholstery and wash is also an indisputable plus (moms know that keeping the stroller clean is very difficult, and washing it entirely in an apartment is not very convenient).

The design of the stroller is quite practical. The frame is treated with an anti-corrosion compound, and the fabric used in production is resistant to burn-out, so you can be sure that the weather conditions will not spoil the appearance of the Jetem Paris. Buy it wants and for its maneuverability: the front wheels are swivel, but if necessary they can be fixed.

By cons of the stroller can be attributed the lack of a set of mosquito nets, which will have to be bought separately, but this drawback is almost all similar models.

Jetem Paris - User Review

In general, users respond positively about this stroller. Praise the viewing window, located on the roof of the hood, through which you can control what the kid is doing.

Handles of the stroller are not regulated in height, and it is aimed at people of medium height, so that high parents, before ordering it, it is better to check its convenience.

No particular complaints about the quality of manufacturing Jetem Paris. There are negative reviews about the depreciation system, although it is not compared with those in wheelchairs of the same class, but with transformers or cradles.

Some buyers note that, despite the statements of producers, the upholstery fabric still passes water, and this, of course, is a significant disadvantage. The strange thing is that not all this is celebrated, although this aspect is quite important. Usually the obvious shortcomings of a particular product, if they are present, the information appears in every recall.

Summing up, we can say that the cost of the stroller justifies. For a fairly small amount, the buyer receives a stroller from a European manufacturer of acceptable quality. Of course, it can not be called eternal, but it will be enough for two or three seasons of exploitation. And carriages, the quality of which allows them to pass from generation to generation, cost quite a lot of money.

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