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Low-alcohol drink "Aperol" is freshness in a glass

The ideal aperitif, which arouses appetite, according to many knowledgeable people, is the "Aperol". What kind of drink is this? Let's talk about it in the article.

A bit of history

"Aperol" is a low-alcohol drink, which was created at the beginning of the last century in Italy by Barbieri brothers. Already after the Second World War "Aperol" received worldwide fame. And today this drink in Italy is considered one of the most popular. Currently, the brand "Aperol" belongs to the concern "Campari".

Brew composition

"Aperol" is a drink that is made according to an ancient secret recipe using tinctures, which contain only natural selected ingredients: sweet and bitter oranges, as well as roots and herbs (gentian, rhubarb, cinnamon fruit), and with perfect Balanced proportions. The peculiarity of the unique taste is the original, slightly bitter shades and low alcohol content (only 11 degrees). Used in the production of natural orange concentrate gives the drink a bright orange color, which is a kind of brand name of the aperitif, which has remained unchanged for almost 100 years. "Aperol" has an excellent tonic and refreshing properties, making it very popular among Italian youth, especially on summer hot days.

How to drink a drink?

So, what is the "Aperol", we found out, now we learn how to properly use it. If you bought a bottle of this drink, do not rush to drink it in its purest form. At home, in Italy, "Aperol" - it is often one of the ingredients of cocktails. The most common combinations are as follows:

  • In a glass two-thirds to pour grapefruit or orange juice and a third - "Aperol", add ice cubes.

  • In a glass with "Aperol" add soda water and a piece of orange.

  • A glass of three quarters filled with dry wine, add "Aperol" and a little sparkling water.

Such mixtures are really refreshing and quenching thirst in the hot season.

Cocktail "Aperol Syringe"

In 1950, on the basis of the aperitif "Aperol" began to prepare a cocktail, thanks to which the drink became popular not only in Italy, but throughout Europe. It is called "Apérol Salin". The above third mixture can be considered a similarity of this cocktail. And although European countries have long used white dry wine with soda, but with the appearance of the alcoholic beverage in question, this mixture has become very popular. And today the cocktail "Aperol Spritz" is a huge success. To a certain extent this is facilitated by the marketing process of the company "Campari": directly on the label of the bottle "Aperol" is a recipe for this world-famous cocktail.

We present it to your attention:

  • "Aperol" - two parts;

  • Soda - one part;

  • Dry sparkling wine (ideally - Prosecco) - three parts.

All this is placed in a pre-cooled glass, pieces of ice are added, everything is mixed well and decorated with a slice of any citrus, usually orange. Experts recommend that this cocktail be served with a straw, as the beverages in the beverage have different densities, so they do not mix very quickly. Mix the beverage with "Aperol" before serving on the table is undesirable, as a result of this, the carbonic acid of the sparkling wine will quickly evaporate.

Aperol Flip cocktail

This cocktail appeared recently. And, frankly speaking, it's not very appropriate to call it a flip, because it's not a whole egg that is used for its preparation, as it should be, but only protein.

It is prepared as follows: shaker fill with crushed ice, add 30 ml of "Aperol", 20 ml of lemon juice, 1 egg white, a tablespoon of sugar syrup. The resulting ingredients are well whipped. Then, in a cocktail glass, pour 60 ml of sparkling wine, top - whipped mixture. Traditionally, the glass is decorated with a ribbon from the peel of an orange. Also, it can squeeze into the surface of the drink a drop of juice (in fact, essential oil). Make a cocktail should be extremely accurate, since often the beaten egg white sticks into the sparkling wine. To avoid this, for such a mixed drink should take a large glass.

"Aperol" - this is not yet a very familiar for us drink, but someone who tries the cocktails on its basis, be sure to remain satisfied.

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