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The chain of restaurants "Ilya Muromets". Restaurants in Moscow: photos and reviews of visitors

Where to find a good restaurant, which respects all the traditions of Russian cuisine? Institutions offering a large selection of national dishes are very many, but they all provide services of different levels. "Ilya Muromets" is a restaurant where for a number of years it has been reviving and preserving the traditions of Russian national cuisine. Here you can relax, enjoying an incredible atmosphere and homemade culinary delights.


Russian restaurant "Ilya Muromets" allows its guests to plunge into the atmosphere of Ancient Rus. Each visitor has the opportunity to dine, aki prince, and to touch the culture and way of life of the past years, and even centuries. All the furnishings, interior and menu are selected in accordance with the traditions of that time. Dishes of Russian cuisine cooked according to old recipes will be appreciated by true gourmets. These recipes were handed down from generation to generation in many parts of Russia. The chain of restaurants "Ilya Muromets" in Moscow is represented by three institutions, each of which is interesting and distinctive in its own way.


Separately it is necessary to tell about an interior and registration of halls. The whole concept of institutions is built on the basis of the culture of Rus and culinary traditions. It is felt in every detail, from the interior to the clothing of the attendants. When you get to the restaurant "Ilya Muromets", you immediately feel the spirit of the past. Beautiful carved wooden furniture, Russian oven, samovars with low appetizing lambs, "magic" items from Russian fairy tales, wooden painted dishes and, of course, the wonderful aroma of served treats create an atmosphere of home comfort. The rooms, decorated in Russian style, are very spacious and can accommodate a large number of guests. If desired, you can choose a quiet corner for a relaxing family holiday. "Ilya Muromets" - a restaurant where you can relax with your soul and body, relax after hard working days.


The sizes of the establishments allow organizing both a banquet for a small number of guests and a more massive event. The restaurant "Ilya Muromets" on the Preobrazhenskaya Square has 4 rooms with a total capacity of 100 people. The restaurant on Leninsky Prospekt, 37 - is more spacious. It consists of 6 rooms and can simultaneously accommodate up to 150 people. Here you can organize any themed party and even a wedding with merry dances and songs. You can hold a business meeting or just relax in a pleasant atmosphere. A special menu can be made for each case. The restaurant chain also holds festive events, which will be an excellent addition to excellent service and a great menu. At the weekend, the restaurant "Ilya Muromets" in the Belarusian opens a children's room. Here, small visitors can watch cartoons, run, jump and have fun with the soul. Special classes for children will teach them their first culinary skills and get acquainted with Russian culture and ancient customs. The restaurant offers a special children's menu for thematic holidays. Such an event will be remembered for a long time not only by children, but also by their parents.


"Ilya Muromets" is a restaurant that offers only traditional dishes of Russian national cuisine. Here you can taste real home-cooked dishes cooked according to old recipes, which the cook carefully collected from all over Russia. These recipes were carefully recreated and preserved. Some dishes can be tried only in this chain of restaurants. Here you will be offered culinary creations, which even the most choosy visitor will like. The restaurant offers a special lent menu or a list of refreshments for a chic banquet. About each recipe I want to tell you separately, and really try delicious dishes you must! Visitors' reviews say that, having tasted the home-made pepper and branded hrenovuhi, you can throw off the burden of cares and have fun from the heart.


Traditionally, any meal begins with snacks. "Ilya Muromets" (a restaurant on Leninsky Prospekt or in another area of Moscow) offers a wide choice of such treats. It's home-made delicious and hearty dishes. A lot of meat dishes, which must have been present at the tables of our ancestors, and even princes of Ancient Rus. This is home-made sausage with potatoes and mushrooms; Zrazy potato with meat; Potatoes fried in fat, with fried and homemade sausage; Ribs of pork baked ... Well, what a feast without beef jelly, veal tongue with horseradish and mustard, homemade boiled pork with fat, chicken roll with cheese and garlic?

"Ilya Muromets" - a restaurant, where traditionally serve dishes from fish of various types. An amazing slightly salted trout prepared according to the old Russian recipe, cold-smoked mackerel with lemon, caviar of salmon fish with butter and lemon, caviar of pike with green onions, sprat sprat and sprats with egg cream, served on toast, allow you to feel the new taste of familiar products. You will certainly be offered herring in different versions: spicy salting, boiarski with boiled potatoes and sweet onions and under a fur coat from boiled vegetables. Among the appetizers there is amazingly cooked eel, salmon rolls, salty salted home-style, smoked salmon with garlic and mustard and all sorts of assorted.

Among appetizers a very large selection of dishes from vegetables. These are curls from eggplants with cheese, nuts and garlic; Tomatoes with garlic, cheese and greens; Assorted fresh vegetables; greenery; Homemade pickles; sauerkraut; Zucchini, fried until crisp, with sour cream, dill and garlic; Several kinds of salted mushrooms and appetizing draniki with a crispy crust.


The restaurant "Ilya Muromets" on the Preobrazhenskaya Square, on Leninsky and Leningradsky Prospekt offers complex lunches that include traditional Russian dishes, hearty and homemade delicious. The cost of meals varies from 300 to 600 rubles. Each visitor will find a suitable option for themselves with the necessary set of dishes. The restaurant offers several complex lunches with seafood and fish. There are in the menu and rich soups, and salads, and second courses of meat in various combinations. At the request of the client it can be an easy option or more satisfying to recharge your batteries for the whole day. If necessary, you can use the service of delivery of food at home.

First meal

If we talk about dinners, then in restaurants "Ilya Muromets" you can taste delicious, rich first courses. Here you will be offered homemade noodles on chicken broth, complemented with crispy toast; Meat solianku; Home red borsch and fragrant green on beef broth; Cabbage soup according to an old recipe; Pike perch and salmon with parsley and celery; Rassolnik with pearl barley and chicken; Mushroom soup from several kinds of mushrooms; Pea soup with smoked and croutons; Soup from lamb and several options of soups-mashed potatoes. In the hot season you can cool by ordering cold first courses, which are seasonal: okroshka on kefir, beetroot, homemade okroshka and tomato soup. A very rich menu is offered by the restaurant "Ilya Muromets", reviews about which are only positive. Many visitors note the extraordinary taste of the dishes and, what is especially pleasing, acceptable prices.

Salads and garnishes

It should be noted that the chefs of the restaurants "Ilya Muromets" offer their guests pelmeni and vareniki, cooked exclusively by hand. The assortment of these dishes is huge. These are vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms, with potatoes and green onions, with sauerkraut, sweet and Siberian. Pelmeni, which have always been considered a native Russian dish, will also be offered in several variants. Firstly, these are real Urals dumplings, prepared according to all the canons of culinary art. A separate line is the products with mutton and with chicken fillet and cheese. In addition, the restaurant menu includes about two dozen different salads for every taste and about 15 side dishes. It's like traditional dishes, and unusual. The restaurant offers various types of cereals and cereals, vegetable stew or potatoes, as well as vegetables, cooked on the grill.

Meat dishes

Meat dishes are always the main culinary masterpieces of any restaurant and the visiting card of the chef. What does "Ilya Muromets" (restaurant) offer? Moscow is a big city, but it's not easy to find places where really tasty meat dishes are cooked at home. The institution considered by us is famous for its delicacies with an amazing taste. Here you will be offered a juicy chicken fillet, skillfully cooked on the grill; A tender chicken of tobacco, fried until crisp; Duck, traditionally baked with apples; Several versions of cutlets cooked in an unusual manner; Stewed in sour cream chicken giblets with mushrooms; A rack of lamb, grilled with the addition of fragrant herbs; Several types of shish kebab, veal, beef and rabbit dishes.

Fish menu

No menu does not do without fish dishes. The restaurant "Ilya Muromets" on the Transfiguration Square or in another area of Moscow is no exception. Its menu includes more than 10 dishes from different types of fish. The names of some of them may not be familiar to you, but these treats will certainly amaze your taste. There are dishes prepared on the grill: muksun northern, sea bass or nelma. A wonderful aroma has a river trout, which is baked with herbs and lemon. Steak carp here served fried until crispy crust. Especially visitors in their reviews celebrate fried icefish, halibut and zander in Rostov style. Traditional salmon and trout will be cooked for you on a couple or on a grill, adding spices, greens and lemon to them. The average cost of dishes ranges from 400 to 1100 rubles, depending on the type of fish.

Banquet or corporate menu

There is also a special category of dishes that must be ordered in advance, for example, for a banquet or a gala dinner. To prepare them, you need time and a special approach. This includes quail tobacco; Pork knuckle baked with herbs from Provence; Mutton tongues in mushroom sauce; A leg of lamb; Pork on bone, sterlet in creamy-caviar sauce; A few salads and meat dishes from beef, veal and duck. A separate place in the menu is stuffed with pike perch, pike, sterlet and sturgeon, baked pig, pike-perch, pork rib crown, lamb with aromatic herbs, ham and a few other dishes from different kinds of poultry.


A rich menu is complemented by desserts offered by Ilya Muromets. The restaurant (Preobrazhenskaya Square, house 2) specializes in Russian cuisine, and it can not do without pancakes, pies and other baked goods. Here, in addition to traditional ice cream and fruit, pancakes are offered with additional ingredients (caviar, sour cream, several kinds of fillings), cheese cakes and 8 kinds of pies. In this chain of restaurants you can enjoy the famous pie with salmon. There are also popular desserts such as "Napoleon", eclairs, apple strudel, chocolate, cheese and sour cakes.

Bar Map

To such a diverse list of dishes, which can not boast of every restaurant, is attached no less than a smart bar card. In the establishments of the line "Ilya Muromets" there is everything that is required for a comfortable rest. From alcoholic beverages here they offer not only vodka and all kinds of tinctures, but also cognac, whiskey, gin, rum, absinthe, tequila, vermouth, liqueurs and only the best wines. And the range is not limited to only one variety of each species. Those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks also have a wide choice: fresh juices, nectars, mineral water, coffee, tea, cocktails, kvass and fruit drinks.


It was said a lot about the advantages of the network "Ilya Muromets". Togliatti (a restaurant with the same name is also in this city) also offers its residents and guests to visit such an institution. It is located at the address: New travel, house 8. It is always welcome here, the staff is ready to create a cozy atmosphere for a full rest and offer only the best dishes of Russian cuisine. You can talk a lot about the merits of the chain of restaurants "Ilya Muromets", but the feedback of visitors who have already become regular customers of these establishments will be more informative. They are only positive, which happens very rarely. Judging by the guests' words, the service in the restaurant is always at the highest level, the situation is beyond praise, treats - you'll lick your fingers! And it's best to visit a restaurant, taste dishes cooked by talented chefs and enjoy a cozy atmosphere created with such love and care.

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