Inžavinskaya poultry farm: address, activities

CJSC "Inzhavinskaya ptitsefabrika" is a part of the company "Prioskolie". When the project was launched, it was planned that the products would be sold in the CIS countries and on foreign markets. The changed political situation slightly corrected the plans, but did not prevent the development of the new enterprise. To date, the company is the largest investment project in the Tambov region.


The closed joint-stock company "Inzhavinskaya poultry farm" was legally established in 2008. Construction work on the construction of a material base started in August 2010. The project organization was the company Prioskolie. The poultry breeding complex was built in the Tambov region, near the village of Kalugino, commissioning took place in November 2011.

Already in the year of opening, Inzhavinskaya Poultry Plant CJSC has produced about 8 thousand tons of meat products and more than 10 thousand tons of broilers in live weight. The feed complex produced almost 22,000 tons of feed.

Output to planned capacity occurred in 2012, which amounted to more than 100 thousand tons of live broilers, meat products - 90.9 thousand tons, fodder - 188.5 thousand tons.


The production complex of the poultry farm includes the following objects:

  • Incubator with local treatment facilities. Annually produces about 84 million pieces of eggs.
  • Eight feedlots (each of 43.2 m 2 , the total building area is 324.65 m 2 ).
  • Two procurement complexes with storage areas for finished products and automatic packaging lines (the total face capacity is 103.5 units of raw materials per hour, one-time storage is provided for 5,000 tons of finished product).
  • The protein recovery workshop, on the line, meat and bone flour, which is in high demand in agriculture, is rich in protein (processing of waste and cases of chickens).
  • Feed mill complex, oriented to own needs (productivity - 30 tons of finished product per hour).
  • Elevator (capacity - 50 thousand tons of raw materials for permanent storage).
  • Vehicle fleet (more than 250 units of equipment).
  • Purification facilities for water treatment (150 cubic meters per hour).
  • Boiler room (capacity - 30 tons of steam per hour).
  • The number of employees - up to 3400 people (average).

To date, the Inzhavinskaya poultry farm is one of the largest manufacturing enterprises in the Tambov region. The geography of coverage of the sold products extends to Tambov, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Lipetsk, Saratov, Moscow, Tula regions.

Basics of activity

The production complex, in addition to growing poultry and harvesting it, sells chickens for individuals and agricultural companies. The incubator contains up to 100,000 eggs at a time, and fattening complexes grow up to 1 million chickens. The enterprise provided more than 2 thousand additional jobs for residents of Tambov and neighboring regions.

The scope of the company's interests includes production and trading activities. The work of the poultry farm is based on the principles of an environmentally friendly approach to the environment and the release of safe food. The main sale of goods occurs in wholesale leave for large retail chains and small wholesale trade for private entrepreneurs. In order to make its products available to all segments of the population, the Inzhavinskaya Poultry Factory strives to conclude mutually beneficial contracts with all participants in the process, regardless of their size.


The company is engaged in production activities in the following areas:

  • Breeding of agricultural poultry.
  • Breeding of agricultural rabbits.
  • Production of finished products from meat and poultry meat in frozen and chilled form.
  • Production of canned products from meat, poultry meat, offal.
  • Production of semi-finished products from meat and poultry in frozen and chilled form.
  • Sale of chickens (podrochennyh).
  • Production of mixed fodders.
  • Trading activities (wholesale, retail).

CJSC "Inzhavinskaya poultry farm" carries out economic activities in 41 directions, which also includes construction, publishing, advertising, etc.


Finished goods are produced under the trademarks "Tambov Broiler" and "Prioskolie" and has more than 100 items.

The assortment includes:

  • Carcass and a half-broiler in two types of packaging.
  • Bird fillets.
  • Breast of chicken-broiler.
  • Thighs chilled.
  • The shin of the chicken-broiler.
  • Wings.
  • Leg with bone and without it.
  • Chicken minced meat.
  • By-products - liver, heart, stomach.
  • Semi-finished products for cooking chahokhbili, shish kebab, stewing, etc.

All products have the necessary quality certificates, are sold in frozen or refrigerated form. The trading house "Inzhavinskaya pticefabrika" produces products in fixed weight, deliveries are made to large retail companies - "Linea", "Evropa", "Magnit", "Okay", "Thunder", SPAR and others. Own logistic base carries out delivery on cars with the corresponding equipment that guarantees safety and freshness of production.

Social politics

Inzhavinskaya poultry farm is a large company, employing more than three thousand people. Settling here to work aspire not only the residents of the region, but also the residents of neighboring regions and regions. When the factory was launched, there was a shortage of qualified workforce, today a job placement queue was formed in the personnel department.

The Inzhavinskaya Poultry Factory (Tambov) operates within the framework of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and provides employees with a decent wage, which on average amounts to 16.7 thousand rubles. The package of social guarantees includes food kits, lunches at a reduced price, provision of New Year's gifts for the children of employees. At the end of the year, employees receive the thirteenth salary, the housing issue for the needy is gradually being solved, and the issue of allocating land for building by private houses is being decided.

Ecology and prospects

The achieved indicators are a launching pad for further development. The plans of the administration and owners to bring the company into the leaders of the domestic market and export products to foreign countries. To realize the prospects, shops will be built for deep freezing of products and expansion of the whole complex with an increase in areas. At the present stage, foreign procurement lines process 10,000 heads per hour, which is considered to be a high index in the industry.

At the construction of a poultry farm, innovative technologies for protecting the environment were taken into account. Emissions to the atmosphere are minimized due to the system of filters in the plant's treatment plants. Wastes from the production complex are not exported to the landfill, but processed in a special workshop, where they make meat-and-bone flour and other additives used for feeding animals and plants. The company has installed a three-stage system of water treatment plants, produced in Holland. Purification of waste water consists of chemical, physical and biological decontamination of water used in production. The system capacity is 3.6 cubic meters per day.

Company address

The company has a production complex and a trading house that sells the products of CJSC "Inzhavinskaya poultry farm".

The address of the complex of a poultry farm in the Tambov region is the village of Stroitel, Promyshlennaya Street, building 46.

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