Interesting values of tattoo. Tiger in different cultures

The tradition of hanging on the body of the image of the shooting gallery originated in Asia, today it has become popular all over the world. In China and Japan, this tattoo means sensuality and passion. It is in China that the image of the tiger is used as a symbol of strength at all festivals and national holidays in order to scare off evil spirits. In ancient times this image was hung in the room of a pregnant woman to protect from the spirits of an unborn child. In some families, this tradition has survived to this day. A tattoo on the body of a tiger changes a person's qualities, and with them fate. At least, many believe that. In Burma and Thailand, a tattoo of a striped predator symbolizes cruelty, speed, beauty and power. In other cultures, this animal is associated, as a rule, with destruction and violence.

It is interesting that in Asian countries the image of a tiger and a lion is equivalent. In other words, these tattoos have one and the same symbolic meaning. The only difference is the image of the white tiger, but about this further.

It is very popular, especially among the stronger sex, to portray the tiger's grin on his shoulder. The meaning of tattoos can be interpreted in different ways. We will not talk about the meaning attached to it in Asia, because, in our culture, it is completely different. First of all, only a brave, authoritative and strong person can wear such a tattoo. If such qualities are not inherent in you, but you want to have them, then safely go to the tattoo parlor and choose a picture of the tiger. Such a person must fight to the end, go to his goal to the last, overcoming obstacles.

The value of the tiger tattoo on the shoulder is particularly interesting. It depends on how the animal is depicted. For example, if a tiger sits in a cage, it means restraint in actions and decisions. Animals are depicted in two ways: stylized or realistic. The values of the tiger tattoo also depend on the entourage. If an animal sits or sneaks against a background of trees or flowers, it must be interpreted individually, because it contains a multitude of meanings.

In places of not so remote (deprivation of freedom) importance tatu "tiger" cruel and ominous. On this sign it is possible to calculate the executor who is straightened with the prisoners on the orders of the "thief-in-law". An animal is depicted on the chest or on the shoulder. Therefore, when you see such an image on your body, you need to be careful.

Interestingly, unlike a drawing such as a lion, tigers are popular not only among men. Girls also love them very much, especially those made in bright colors and colors. The meaning of the tiger "tiger" on the girl's body is cunning, grace and royal grandeur. It's amazing how the values of images vary, depending on the gender of the carriers.

If the body depicts a white tiger, it means exclusivity and vivid personality. Such people are often not understood and afraid. If your character is not ordinary, the values of tiger "tiger", especially white, will further emphasize personal qualities. In general, this is a majestic animal and is revered in many cultures. Before you apply his image to your body, think about whether you can match his imperious nature?

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